Meet the campus dogs of Dana Hall

It always makes me smile to say hi to Satch or Loamer when they are walking outside around campus, and dance classes are the best part of my day, especially when Finn is in class getting hugs from all the dancers. While students in the dorms do not keep pets, there are lots of on-campus faculty and house directors whose dogs can often be found around campus. There are so many dogs that are a beloved part of the Dana Hall community, so next time you are around campus, make sure to say hi to the ones you see.

Chase is an 8-month-old King Charles Spaniel, and his favorite thing to do at Dana Hall is chase rabbits. According to his owner, Ms. Rebecca Kimball, Director of Athletics, Health and Wellness, he loves people and other dogs, and he especially loves attention from his people.

Bruin Connelly lives on campus with his owners and loves taking walks around the pond and Brook Path. In the summer, he also likes to visit the Linx campers. You can sometimes find him on the hill by the soccer field, or because he’s an older dog, sleeping in his bed. His owner, Ms. Elizabeth Connelly, Senior Associate Director of Admission, says he most enjoys walks, squeaky toys, racing the kids on the soccer field, food crumbs, and being near his humans. He especially loves his kiddos and loves to cuddle with the family on movie nights.

Soggy, aka Soggy the Doggy, is owned by Ms. Molly Kieloch, Associate Director of Communications. He loves people, and can be found exploring the many smells around campus and hanging out with his owner where she works on the 2nd floor of Beveridge Hall. Soggy was named after the Catholic Saint Chrysogonus, but some have guessed he was named after Saugy hot dogs or Saugus, Massachusetts. According to his owner, “his favorite things are napping in a sunny spot, begging for t-r-e-a-t-s and running ‘zoomies’ in our backyard.”

Charley is the beloved 15-year-old Border Terrier of social studies teacher and Varsity Cross Country coach Mr. Brian Cook. When she was a young pup, she loved to run with the Dana Hall Cross Country team, chase her ball, and walk in the woods around town. However, these days she can most often be found asleep on the couch where she lives with her humans. She does not like other dogs, but according to her owner Mr. Cook, she has loved every person she’s ever met.

Teddy belongs to Upper School science teacher and Sustainability Coordinator Ms. Mary Frances Hanover. According to his owner, his favorite thing about Dana Hall is going on walks around campus. Teddy goes on a walk almost every afternoon after school, and he lives in Maple Manor across the hall from his cousin-dog, Charley. He loves other dogs, but not as much as he loves people. He also loves walks and taking naps in the sun. Teddy was adopted from a shelter, but his owners think he might be part Australian shepherd, as he has freckles.

Finn is well known by anyone who takes dance classes at Dana Hall. According to his owner, dance teacher Mikaela Bradley, Finn loves being able to run around the dance studio between classes, and loves all the hugs he receives from the dancers before and after class. He is most often found in the Shipley Center Dance Studio, and loves people. His favorite things are napping, chewing on bones, and playing in the snow. Fun fact: Finn’s favorite human food is lettuce.

Stella lives with the Doug and Donna Corrigan, and her favorite thing about Dana Hall is the community and her favorite neighbor, Upper School science teacher and Director of Community Service Ms. Angela Macedo. She can often be found in her yard, and loves people and other dogs. She loves playing with tennis balls, taking long walks, and even playing soccer. She is also friends and neighbors with Head of School Ms. Katherine Bradley’s dog Apollo.

Math teacher Ms. Kristin Walton lives with Millie, an American Foxhound. She loves people watching and will even jump on the windowsill to watch people go by. She loves other dogs, people, food, and going on walks. According to Ms. Walton, Millie can jump very high and even open their front door if they don’t lock it.

Talia is another Foxhound on campus. Talia loves people and other dogs and is friends with many of the dogs on campus, including Millie, Stella, and Apollo (Ms. Bradley’s golden retriever). She can usually be found lying on the porch or taking her frequent walks around campus. According to her owner, Chief Advancement Officer Ms. Christie Baskett, “Talia loves to run after smells. We can’t let her off the leash as she would follow a scent wherever it goes. The one time we do let her off leash is to run from one side of the soccer field to the other, where my husband and I stand with cheese. She runs about 20 miles an hour between us to get her cheese treat.”

Loamer is Assistant Director of Athletics, Health and Wellness Ms. Margie Bailey’s dog and can be found at Grey Lodge, JV Soccer practice, and walking around the neighborhood. His favorite thing about Dana Hall is the many people who love to say hi and pet him. According to his owner, he loves people and other dogs, walking around campus, chasing after tennis balls, napping on couches, and treats. Loamer is newer to Dana Hall, having joined the Baileys on Halloween weekend. Loamer’s name is based on a mountain biking term, as his humans both love mountain biking.

Bella, a chihuahua mix, can often be found walking around Dana Hall’s campus with her human, Dr. Julia Bucci, who is an English teacher. Bella is a rescue dog, so she is sometimes afraid of people outside her family. While she loved Dr. Bucchi’s other dog, Sadie, she is still afraid of most other dogs. However, according to her friend Grayson Arrango, Bella deserves an award for how much she has improved her manners when meeting new people and dogs. Bella’s favorite things are driving in the car, bossing around her humans, and cuddling.

Bella’s sister-dog, Sadie Bucci, passed away last fall. She was very loved by everyone at Dana Hall. Sadie loved walking around campus and saying hi to everyone she could, especially if she got a few treats on the way. She particularly loved her friends Minji Kim ’20 and Eliza Kim ’20, and she was also very good friends with Athletic Trainer Ms. Janna Berger’s dog, Lucky.

Lucky’s favorite thing about Dana Hall is all the hugs he gets. He can often be found in the Shipley Center or on the fields, and loves people and other dogs. Lucky is 13 years old and has lived on campus his whole life. According to his owner, Ms. Berger, he loves attention, snacks, and hanging out with his friends Bambi and Satch.

Last, but not least, is Satch. Satch’s favorite thing about Dana Hall is the students. His favorite place at Dana Hall is the Johnston D lobby, as he loves being pet and seeing his friends. According to his owner, House Director Ms. Grayson Arango, Satch loves relaxing with his favorite people, visiting the barn, cruising for abandoned food, following people around, people watching, and running into friends who know him when he is out on walks around campus. Satch loves people but can be a bit nervous around other dogs at first, especially bigger dogs, even though he has some good dog-friends on campus. Satch is 14 and ½ years old, and his owner Grayson likes to joke that he is a proud member of the Class of 2025. Satch holds two agility championship titles and is a retired certified therapy dog and disaster stress relief dog.

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