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Math Department’s Newest Member, Ms. Demler

This year, the Dana Hall community added a new member to the math team, Mrs. Demler.

As part of the interview process, prospective teachers are asked to lead a class. Mrs. Derr, the math head, commented that when watching Mrs. Demler teach, “we really liked the way that she was interacting with students, and she had a solid math knowledge base.”

Mrs. Demler has had experience in both all girl and co-ed environments and is excited to come to Dana and resume her work with young women.

Mrs. Demler said that one of the things she liked about Dana Hall is the “value of the individual voice of the student” and she “feels like Dana is a place where students really want to learn.”

In addition to regular classroom math, Mrs. Demler is passionate about financial literacy, so “when young women graduate and go into college they have the tools necessary to take care of themselves financially.”

We feel fortunate to have someone as knowledgeable, passionate, and committed as Mrs. Demler in our community. Welcome!

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