Lululemon Opens Its Doors Down the Road from Campus

Fashion retailer Lululemon recently opened a shop at 50 D Central St., in Wellesley Square. The clothing brand is very popular worldwide, including in the Dana Hall community. Students are extremely fond of their athletic-wear and different pieces such as leggings, t-shirts and tennis skirts can be spotted all over campus daily. 

Just a twelve-minute walk from Dana Hall’s campus, Lululemon’s new location has already become more than popular thanks to its convenience and reliable clothing. Before a chilly game, the Dana Hall Varsity Lacrosse team was struggling as it is a rule that the team must all be wearing the same color. Not all members of the team had white long-sleeve undershirts, necessary for keeping players warm during New England’s early spring weather. “A quick trip to Lululemon fixed that,” Captain Stephanie Copeland ‘23 explained. The team agreed that the convenience of being able to run into Wellesley Square saved the day.

You can also catch the Dana Hall Varsity Tennis team sporting Lululemon tennis skirts during their matches. Louisa Keith ‘25 said many members of the team prefer the brand’s white tennis skirts to other brands due to their ability to withstand the heated game of tennis.

Even though Lululemon is an athletic clothing company many students also wear it in their day-to-day lives. “It is comfortable, durable, and fashionable” Sam Wolf ‘24 describes. She owns many pieces from the brand, some of her favorites being “Align Leggings”  and  “Swiftly Tech Shirts.” She can wear these clothes to class and even feels a confidence boost when repping one of the brand’s “many vibrant colors.” When she found out Lululemon was opening a location in Wellesley she was very excited. “I have already been there a million times, it is in such a good location and I love seeing all the pieces they have in there.”

Students believe that Lululemon opening this new location will positively affect the company. “Passing by the store daily has only brought the brand more to my attention,” Amelia Thames ‘24 emphasizes. She also added that she doesn’t think the Lululemon craze on the Dana Hall campus will go anywhere as their clothing lasts physically and fashionably.

Image source: Adam Richins

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