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Lockheart: A New Restaurant in Wellesley Center

Lockheart restaurant is a fabulous restaurant that opened its doors to the public in July this year. The delicious south-western style menu includes a variety of bowls, plates, and salads, however, they are most notable for their flavorful tacos. I had a lovely time there– the customer service was incredible and the atmosphere was very comfortable. The food was very good but it was on the pricey side. Each individual taco was small and went for around $5. Overall, I gave this restaurant a 8/10. 

Lockheart is located in Wellesley Center, right next to the fire station, at 102 Central Street. It is a four minute drive or a sixteen minute walk from Dana Hall. The restaurant was started by Wellesley resident Derek Brady, who is also the owner of other noteworthy restaurants such as Union Street and Osushi. From Sunday to Thursday, Lockheart is open from 11 am to 11 pm, but on Fridays and Saturdays, it is open from 11 am to midnight. 

My family and I ventured into the restaurant to grab dinner over winter break. The first time we attempted to go was on a Saturday at around 5:30 pm, but it was all full and they were not taking any walk-ins. We tried again on Sunday, a little earlier at 5:00 pm, and booked a reservation this time. We found that there were barely any people inside the restaurant and it was fairly empty. I recommend reserving a table before, or going a little earlier on a less busy day. 

The restaurant’s interior was cozy and unique, with two floors and two bars. 

My favorite appetizer was the Sinaloa Smash Sliders and my favorite tacos were the Korean Brussels Sprouts and the Rib Eye Steak. Here are the things that we ordered and what I thought:

Sheet Pan Nachos: $15.00 (+$5.00 for added short rib)

Rating: 9/10

As an appetizer, we ordered these nachos with added chicken. Despite the fact that we got the ‘half sheet’ size, the price came out to be fifteen dollars. They were delectable, with the perfect amount of topping to chip ratio. The sauce was a little bit spicy and tangy, adding a kick of flavor. The nachos do not come with any meat, so I definitely recommend adding either the chicken or the short ribs so that they are a little more filling. My only complaint was the price, because it was pretty small but quite expensive. 

Sinaloa Smash Sliders: $11

Rating: 10/10

These were absolutely delicious! I loved these and highly recommend them. These mini-hamburgers were made on very soft Hawaiian rolls and had lots of tangy sauce. They had a crispy cheese layer inside with some spicy jalapenos. One order came with three sliders and they were a nice appetizer. 

Korean Brussels Sprouts: $4.50 (+$1.00 for a lettuce wrap)

Rating: 10/10

I replaced the shell of the taco with lettuce and it was wonderful. The roasted brussel sprouts were cooked so well, with a crispy outside and a soft inside. The glaze on this taco was impeccable and the pickled onions were amazing. This taco is the only vegetarian option and it was the best taco that I had by far. 

Rock Shrimp: $5.00

Rating: 6.5/10

(pictured on the left)

This taco was mediocre–the flavor was not bad at all, but there was not much filling or sauce. It was lots of shell and romaine lettuce with only a couple pieces of shrimp. 

Short Rib Birria: $6.50

Rating: 8/10

(pictured on the right)

This taco came with a double corn shell and had shredded short rib meat inside. It had a nice cheese pull and was topped with white onions. It tasted great and I liked the salty flavor. 

Rib Eye Steak: $5.50 (+$1.00 for a flour tortilla)

Rating: 9/10

(pictured on the left)

I ordered this taco on a flour tortilla that was toasted and crunchy. The taco filling consisted of rib-eye steak, microgreens, and cotija cheese. The cheese added a nice flavoring, and this was one of my favorite tacos.

Southern Fried Chicken: $5.50 (+$1.00 for a flour tortilla)

Rating: 6/10

(pictured on the right)

The Southern Fried Chicken taco was my least favorite out of the tacos that we ordered. I got it with a flour tortilla. It had lots of avocado and was decent, but it was kind of dry. 

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