Life in the Library

Welcome, dear friends, to the Dana Hall School library (which is actually totally a pseudonym the librarians use to trick us!). It is I, the ghost of Helen Temple Cooke herself! Now, I don’t have much time before they find out I’m writing to tell you the truth about our “dear old library,” but hear me now, and hear me clear! The library is not all it seems. Yes, yes, I know. Quite a shocker, but you read that correctly. I must be brief, but  unbeknownst to most, our “library” is actually a secret, magical, lair shielded by wards crafted by it’s guardians– the librarians!

It might be hard to grasp in this hurried moment, but you must trust me! I mean, how else would you explain the nearly constant stream of new books flooding the library? Where do they get them? How could they be acquiring them all so quickly?! MAGIC, I tell you. And those sofas? Don’t get me started! Haven’t you ever wondered why your eyes suddenly become droopy? And your limbs heavy? We are being hypnotised, dear friends! Those of you who have fallen into their spell of deep slumber, I must tell you: it is too late. You are now bound to return to the library, over and over again.

I have observed as children have wandered past its doors, drawn in by the enormous amount of – must I even mention?– the obscene amount of posters hanging around the hallowed halls of our school? How do they manage to advertise so effectively? Haven’t you noticed how the guardians are constantly cranking out new ideas and programs like Movie Night and Book Club? Both are nothing but traps! Beware of their promises of juicy movies and books paired with exciting snacks like popcorn, cookies, and soda! They are naught but enticing vices that will lure you in and lock you into a cycle of bibliomania!

You don’t believe me, you say? How could you not? For you have seen for yourself these happenings! Why not come see for yourself? Venture through the science wing, up the stairs, and observe these abnormalities with your very own eyes. Bear witness to the peculiarity that is the Dana Hall Library.

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