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I had the craziest dream last night. So, first I represented my team (which didn’t really have a name…?) in the Olympics. Then, I wound up writing halloween jokes on windows and somehow I was walking around the Dana campus picking up small, rectangular, flat rocks. Next, I was decorating a plastic box, and there was glitter everywhere. I might have shelved books at one point, but I’m not positive. The weirdest part about this dream, though, is that Kate Phillips, a library page at the Dana Hall Library, did it all.

I’m Kate, a senior at Dana Hall, and this is my second year working at the Helen Temple Cooke Library as a page. A group of us will be writing for Life at the Library, Dana Hall Library’s first Hallmanac column, which will inform the Dana Hall community about activities and programs in the Library.

As an update, recently Dana Hall had the successful Halloween book swap and bake sale. With books, food, and plenty of Halloween treats, the Librarians had just as much fun as the students who participated!

Jill Nadeau, one of the librarians, says that her favorite part of the library is the people. I couldn’t agree more. The library is full of amazing resources, including, but not limited to puzzles, games, headphones, keyboards,  a quiet place to study, and, most importantly, BOOKS! If you have any further questions about events, resources, or anything else library related, PLEASE come to the circulation desk, or contact us at Librarians and pages are happy to help.

We’re very excited for a great year in the Library!


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