Last Christmas: merry and bright

I enjoyed Last Christmas greatly and would rate it a four out of five, although it has received mixed reviews.  However, I think that this movie caters to a specific audience, and I would only recommend this film to people looking for a romantic movie to watch. If you are not a fan of chick-flicks, this movie may not be for you.

Last Christmas was released on November 8, with much anticipation among romantic comedy lovers. The movie features many notable actors such as Emilia Clarke, most known for her role in the hit series Game of Thrones, Henry Golding from Crazy Rich Asians, and Emma Thompson, the movie’s screenwriter and producer. 

Kate, a discouraged woman from London, works at a yearly Christmas shop dressed as an elf. Seemingly nothing in Kate’s life is going right; she has moved out of her parents’ house with nowhere to live and has been couch surfing at her friends’ flats after continuously slipping up without taking responsibility for her mistakes. One afternoon, as Kate is working in the Christmas shop, a tall, handsome, too-good-to-be-true man named Tom catches her eye. They immediately hit it off, and a romantic relationship blooms between the two, right in time for the landscape of London to alter into a snowy, beautiful, and romantic wonderland.   

The rising action to the movie involves Kate recognizing her identity and getting her act together, an aspect to the movie that is hopeful but portrays a weak, stereotypically feminine character who relies on a charming man to save her and fix her life. Although Kate’s character is problematic, the romantic scenes are adorable and uplifting and put the audience in the holiday spirit. 

The climax is an unexpected and shocking plot twist that makes sense within the context of the movie, and it left me wondering how I had not seen it coming. 

The setting of the movie had a great impact. The combination of slow and upbeat romantic holiday music create an uplifting and heartfelt mood that left the audience immersed in a cheerful and contented mood. The coloring of the scenes was also a crucial addition; the extensively and beautifully decorated Christmas shop was warm and inviting. Scenes at night had bright city lights amongst the vibrant Christmas decorations and graceful snow, something New Englanders are greatly anticipating. 

Emilia Clark, who plays the main character Kate, embodies her character well. Kate is always seen with a big smile and is bubbly and full of ebullience, adding to the cheerful tone of the film. Henry Golding, who plays Tom, has the same effect. He is charming, handsome, kind, adventurous, and is always beaming with joy. Every aspect of the movie, from characters to colors to camera techniques to costumes, has a huge role and continuously circles back to the merry, lively, and bright tone of the movie. 

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