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Just Keep Sipping! Dana Hall’s Newest Hydration Craze

“I was never hydrated before but my Simple Modern cup makes me drink so much water!” Sam Wolf ‘24 explains. Simple Modern Water Bottles, specifically the 24oz cup design ($23.99), have taken the Dana Hall junior class by storm.

According to the Simple Modern website they “offer a stylish selection of stainless steel insulated water bottles” and reviews claim their water has stayed cold for around 2-3 days from it being originally filled. Their website features 14 tumbler, cup and bottle sizes and hundreds of colors and designs that cater not only to adults but also kids with their “Disney” and “Nickelodeon” designs.

It is rumored that Ryan Chiu, a 10th- and 11th-grade math teacher, started the trend on campus. Lily Schwartz ‘24 says, “I love my Simple Modern because it’s a color that really represents me,” and explains “it allows me to bring water with me everywhere I go in a practical way.” 

You can purchase Simple Modern products online on their website and Amazon as well as in person at places like Target. Ellie Black ‘24 calls it, “the perfect size and easy to refill” and Amelia Thames 24’ adds that she loves “beautiful and simple design that brightens up her day!”

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