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Introducing Dana Hall’s new Anime club

This spring, Dana Hall clubs made an addition to their roster with the establishment of the Anime Club. Founded by Tori Eysie ‘22 and Evi Booth ‘22, this all-school club is a fun, sometimes educational, but most importantly, safe space for anyone interested in Anime or Manga. 

Anime is a genre of animated shows and movies, originating in Japan. Most of these shows and movies are based off of graphic novels called Manga, but some of the series are of their own origin. A big part of these shows is obviously the plots, but their specific artistic style adds to the experience of watching them and makes them stand out from other animated films. 

There is a stereotype that people who watch Anime are nerds and outcasts, with a heavy assumption that they are all Asian. Also, people who haven’t watched Anime tend to make assumptions about its content. This club aims to shatter those stereotypes and provide a space where people who have a common interest can share their thoughts and ideas about this interest. Tori said emphatically, “the animation should be viewed as a more acceptable thing in society, not something that is placed on the people who are either nerds or Asian, just something that should be more accepted… People always put labels on it when they shouldn’t- they should watch it first and then they can have an opinion.” 

These meetings have been every other Monday of the third trimester, but next year they will be meeting every week, all year. A typical meeting in the club includes Anime trivia games, Anime word association, check-ins on the shows people are currently watching, and sometimes watching an episode of a “classic” Anime. The inclusive feel that Tori and Evi were hoping to provide is evident. I had never attended an Anime meeting before this article, but I was warmly welcomed and included in the games and topics of conversation. 

This club is not just for avid Anime fans. Anime newcomers have opportunities to learn about this culture as well. Tori and Evi brought Mr. Karl Neumann, U.S History and East Asia teacher as well as an Anime fan and historian, to a meeting to discuss the origins and cultural significance of Anime, putting a detailed, educational spin on the normal club activities. This addition ensures an atmosphere where any student or faculty member can join to learn or discuss Anime and Manga, without feeling out of place.  

For anyone skeptical or nervous about joining this club, Penny Keenan ‘27 assures you, “You don’t really have to be nervous because no one’s mean… It’s just a very accepting and loving community that will welcome you, no matter what.” 

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