Interested in Insurgent?

Whether you are a movie fan or just enjoy the snacks, you must see the thrilling movie Insurgent, the second of the Divergent trilogy. This movie is an escape from the real world as you’re taken into life in the fictional far future of Chicago. Insurgent brings to life characters from the book series by Veronica Roth, and it is a must-see.

With a similar atmosphere as the first movie, Insurgent keeps you on your toes as you wonder about the fate of the beloved characters. Life within “the wall,” the place where the characters live, consists of five factions: the selfless, the peaceful, the honest, the intelligent, and the brave. At a certain age, each individual is tested and placed into one of the categories — except for the factionless and the divergent. As shown in the first movie, the divergent, including main characters Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James), are on the run to escape the faction system that dictator Genine (Kate Winslet) enforces in a violent way, because divergents fit into all five factions, something that is frowned upon.

Even though I do not recommend watching this movie without seeing the first, I do recommend watching them both. The Divergent trilogy is being made, book by book, into movies. Although I am normally not a science fiction fan, this movie is different in its own ways because of the natural suspense and unique story line. This movie also follows the romance between Tris and Four, and other important relationships between family and friends are broken, tested, and strengthened throughout the movie.

As for the acting and filmography, actors and producers hit this one on spot, just like in the first movie. A minute of this movie is what you do not want to miss, so make sure to get snacks and use the bathroom before the movie starts.

Insurgent verticalThe movie, which premiered on March 19, can be found all over local theatres in standard and 3-D. Due to the high ratings and multiple movie times Insurgent has gotten so far, this movie promises to stay in theaters for quite a while. This action and science fiction movie is rated PG-13, and it plays for 119 minutes.

If, however, you do not get the chance to see the movie in theatres, make sure to keep an eye out for the release date, so you can watch it at home.

Images source: IMDB.

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