Gracie Abrams released her debut album “Good Riddance”

Flourishing artist Gracie Abrams came out with her debut album Good Riddance this past February. This was Abrams first full album, following a series of successful singles. The album captures the feelings of responsibility and powerlessness. Throughout the 12 tracks, Abrams expresses the importance of personal accountability. 

Abrams is known to “wear her heart on her sleeve,” which is why her vulnerability is unmatched as she describes what it felt like to be the villain in a relationship. A lot of the album is about moving on from unrecognizable versions of yourself, which is beautifully captured in Abrams lyrics that are captured in the mature honesty of her storytelling.

A little bit about Gracie Abrams. She was born in Los Angeles County and is 23 years old. Her dad, who some may know is J.J Abrams produced Star trek, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. She is a pop influenced artist who is greatly inspired by Taylor Swift and like Swift, she also plays the piano during her concerts.

Abrams is currently growing in popularity, the album release being a great reason, but also because she is opening for the Taylor Swift Eras Tour at designated locations. She is trending on many social media platforms due her opening acts, but also due to her own Good Riddance Tour. I was lucky enough to go myself, and hours before doors opened at the House of Blues in Boston, the line stretched down multiple blocks- I have never seen a line that big for any show at that venue. When she came out, the crowd erupted and my night was filled with lots of fun and singing. 

“Amelie” quickly became a favorite of mine as it originally grabbed me with its soft ballad. It perfectly captures a short yet impactful relationship. Abrams tells the story of meeting a girl who is now a figure in her distant past and who she can’t quite recall if she ever knew her at all. The chorus, in my opinion, has a gripping emotional build with the lyrics: “Where did you go Amelie, Amelie, Amelie? Where’d you go? Or were you all in a dream Amelie, Amelie? I don’t know.” I love that Abrams expresses the normality of being close with someone at one point of time, and at another they are your distant past.

Good Riddance is a vulnerable reflection on personal accountability and growth. This album perfectly captures taking responsibility for your mistakes and the many challenges of moving forward in your life. Gracie Abrams is an aspiring new artist and you should add her album Good Riddance to your playlists.

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