Get into Empire!

The new FOX television show musical, Empire, which premiered Wednesday, January 7th at 9 PM, is a show full of beautiful people doing very bad things. The show features Terrence Howard playing a hip-hop mogul turned producer named Lucious and Teraji P. Henson as Cookie, his fresh-out-of-jail ex-wife. Lucious has a terminal illness and has to choose which of his three sons will run his record label, Empire, after his death. Get it? Watch as Lucious and Cookie pit their sons against one other for control of their company.

Source: IMDBThe producers of Empire caught a case of pilotitis, making a somewhat slow first episode. However, the plot picks up quickly in the next episodes. The show features a diverse cast with complex storylines. Fox must have learned that more viewers will tune in when they see themselves represented no matter their race or sexual orientations. It is especially pleasing to watch Jamal, one of Lucious’ sons, played by the multi-talented Jussie Smolett, tackle being black and and gay with a disapproving father.

Overall, Empire is very aesthetically pleasing. The bright set gives watchers a taste in life of the rich and powerful, and the music, arranged by Timbalaland, is catchy and fun. Edgy banter along with gritty situations makes the show very different from FOX’s last TV musical, Glee.

Empire is a must watch, and very accessible with episodes available on FOX’ s website and on Hulu.

Image Source: Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

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