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French I is not running in the Upper School this year

This year, there is no French I running in the Dana Hall Upper School. While this may come as a surprise to many, it’s actually relatively common according to Jacqui Bloomberg, head of the World Languages Department. She says, “The numbers of people who come in and out of the level I classes changes year-to-year, it’s sort of like a pendulum and this just happens to be a more quiet year.” While this year happens to be one where this class doesn’t run, Ms. Bloomberg is certain that French I will be running again soon. 

Mary Potter, one of two French teachers at Dana Hall, teaches French I when the class runs. According to Ms. Potter, the number of students in a French I class fluctuates drastically every year. She says “There’s not a typical year, last year there were 19 kids in French I, and in past years I’ve had as few as 5 students in a class.” The lack of interest in French I this year doesn’t cause Ms. Potter any worry, as French II, III, IV/V, and AP classes are running 

Ms. Potter also points out that many of the people involved in the French program at Dana took French I in Middle School, and take French II when they join the Upper School for 9th grade. We shouldn’t be worried about the number of students interested in French at Dana, as “enrollment goes up and down,” Ms. Potter states. “In every language you can’t really predict exactly what the numbers are going to be, and we’re not worried about the French program.”

Image Source : TEACH Magazine

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