Explore opportunities outside of Dana Hall

Students have the opportunity to explore themselves and their passions outside of Dana Hall. 

The Brigham and Women’s Youth summer program introduces high school students to numerous careers in healthcare. This camp “expands on the hospital’s teaching mission, enhances diversity initiatives and supports youth of the community.” Another high school volunteer program is at the Newton Wellesley Hospital. Volunteers, ages 15 to 90, help the hospital fulfill its mission of “providing outstanding care”. Project Success works to help students ignite big possibilities through a proven method of experiential learning.” According to Sabah Vitale ’24, she “loved the whole program. I had the privilege of being placed in the Hirschhorn lab at Boston children’s hospital where I completed a research project on final height predictions and short stature.”

The Research Science Institute is a “cost free intensive science and engineering summer program where students conduct individual programs under the supervision of experienced scientists and researchers.” NASA offers paid internships for students in high school. According to NASA, “pathways interns gain valuable work experience and professional development.” Tufts University offers a Biomedical Engineering Research Scholars (TUBERS) program. According to Tufts, “Students will be involved in cutting-edge biomedical research investigating biomedical questions and developing new methods to study cells, tissues, and organs.” Through the program, students will learn, study, present their findings, observe work from professional researchers, learn critically, and gain academic guidance.

There are also a volunteer options, like the ones offered by the Prison Book Program, where “people support those in prison by sending them free books and reading material”. Grace Wang ’25, shared, “I received letters from prisoners on books they wanted. Some wanted a book on drawing which was great to see them really wanting to learn.” Another strong opportunity is the Congressman Stephen Lynch Internship. Stephen Lynch, the Congressman representing Massachusetts’ 8th District, has internships available in his Boston office where “interns will assist in a variety of day-to-day activities and work on constituent casework and district based projects.” Students who have strong interests in issues of human rights and equality should look at the City Mission Boston Social Justice Summer Internships. Through this internship, “students will gain experience participating in workshops, group discussions, and research projects. The program adapts to the interest of the group. Here are past focuses: Ecological justice, voting rights, Covid-19 resource, art as activism, and so much more.”

Boston offers many opportunities for those interested in the arts. The Museum of Fine Arts Boston Teen Program is a “12-month paid program that allows students to get a firsthand look at the inner workings of the museum and engage in studio art classes along with workshops with artists, leaders, and innovators.” Another opportunity is the Artists for Humanity Teen Jobs. Artists for Humanity is an organization “dedicated to providing under-resourced teenagers the keys to self-sufficiency through paid employment in art and design.”

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