Emma Chamberlain’s “Anything Goes” is worth a listen

Emma Chamberlain is a 21-year-old American influencer. She has a YouTube channel with 11.9 million subscribers, and started a podcast called Anything Goes in February of 2020. These episodes are 45 minutes long, and come out every Thursday on a multitude of streaming platforms. Emma Chamberlain has become wildly successful because of her relatable and down to earth content. This trait comes through very well in her podcast, and it is a lot of fun to listen to.

I am personally a devoted listener of the Anything Goes podcast. The content of this podcast is implied in its title; anything that is on Emma’s mind. Some weeks will be an interesting philosophical topic, such as “does money buy happiness?” or “is anyone actually cool?”. Other weeks will be Emma giving her thoughts and advice about a certain topic. Some examples are “female friendships” and “dealing with difficult people”. Other types of episodes are reviews of products or fashion trends. These episodes include “what i’ve been wearing recently” and “health and wellness products, are they worth it?”

I enjoy listening to Emma’s podcast because it is engaging and easy to digest. The topics are usually light and interesting to think about, and when they are more complicated she articulates her ideas in a way that is easy to understand and follow along with.

Emma is very humble and modest about her fame, while simultaneously acknowledging how it affects her bias. She says that although discussing her status makes her uncomfortable, it is important to address. One example of this is in her “does money buy happiness” episode. She acknowledged how one might think she is not qualified to discuss such a topic because of her wealth.

Another behavior she exhibits frequently in her episodes is keeping the privacy of the events she is attending and the people she is with. She once released an episode a week after the Met Gala, and told a story about an event that she recently attended without disclosing the name of the event or name dropping who was involved. I personally appreciate this aspect because it makes her seem less of an untouchable celebrity and more of a relatable person.

One of Emma’s strengths is connecting with her fan base. At the end of every episode, she encourages her listeners to reach out to her via Instagram DM’s with their own opinions on the episode topic. She will also occasionally make an episode dedicated to responding to fans’ questions. 

One of her more recent episodes is titled “i changed my mind”. In this episode, she responds to backlash she received about previous episodes, one being “the truth about being self employed”. This episode essentially stated why having an employer would be better than self employment. Listeners were upset because they claimed she was in no place to discuss this matter, considering she has never had an employer other than herself. Emma is very open to debate and feedback, and responded to this backlash in a very mature and professional manner.

Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain is a very enjoyable, relatable, and low key podcast. I highly recommend listening to it!

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