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Ed Techies launch technology “Conference Desk” in Library

Is Schoology not working? Is your wifi slow? Did the Explain Everything app forget to save your project again? The Ed Techies, headed by Katharine Elliot ’17 and Autumn Ceppi ’17, are here to help.

The club introduced an Ed Techie Conference Desk in the Library on November 8. This help desk, stationed at the Library with one to two Ed Techies, will meet every Conference Period to address any technology-related questions or issues that students may have.

While this Conference Desk will be a helpful resource, the Technology Office is also available to help with iPad- or computer-related troubles. The Ed Techie Co-heads stress that the Dana Hall community has many resources available for help with technology.

In its developing stages, the club was founded by a group of students who wanted to be more involved in the school’s new iPad initiative. This year, Elliot says their main goal is “to make technology more fun and fix the issues within the school.”

Ms. Maggie Davidov, Upper School Librarian, is advising the club while Ms. Liz Paushter, Upper School Educational Technologist, is on maternity leave. As a librarian, Ms. Davidov hopes that the library can be a place where technology and academics intersect, and she urges people to come “get help with technology or research or anything.”

The club is now expanding to include students from grades nine through twelve, in contrast to last year when the club was very small. Ms. Davidov says interest in the club diminished when the newness of the iPads faded. This year, it has been Elliott and Ceppi’s main mission to get people interested in the club. They believe the Ed Techies can make it so students are not afraid to ask questions.

The club meets every other week on Tuesdays during second lunch in the Student Center conference rooms. Elliot urges people to “stop in, grab a slice of pizza, and listen to what we are all about.”

The club is also interested in Dana Hall’s feedback, and it will be sending out a survey regarding these changes by winter break. All in all, Ceppi hopes to make “technology more fun for the community and not something that is always a hassle.”

Photo: The Ed Techies laugh during a recent lunchtime meeting. Photo credit: Gloria Revanche.

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