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Dr. Doll to Receive The Blair Jenkins Faculty Chair in Math and Science

The sixth recipient of The Blair Jenkins Faculty Chair in Math and Science award goes to Dr. John Doll, AP Biology and Current Topics teacher and the Science Department Head.

The Blair Jenkins Faculty Chair award was established in May 2008. The award is given to a faculty member in Math or Science Department at Dana Hall who is not only excellent in teaching but also committed to the Dana Community.

The selection committee includes the Head of School, the former recipient, Division Heads, and others at the discretion of the Head of School.

Dr. Doll was an undergraduate at Rice University before going to MIT to receive his PhD in Biology. He has been teaching Biology and Chemistry in the Science Department at Dana Hall for 14 years. He also coaches the Junior Varsity Basketball and the Varsity Softball team.

“Very often, Science and Math can be intimidating for some people and so I think one of the things about the award is it recognizes the people who make students realize how much they can do and how much they can achieve,” Dr. Doll said.

The Head of School, Ms. Bradley, one of the selection committee members said that “Dr. Doll is the person who always thinks about all of the students, not only the strongest or AP student. He thinks about everybody. He values all the students.”

“He is very kind. He bought us food. He was very engaging and you’ll never get bored in this class,” said Kayla Terzioglu, a student who took AP Biology with Dr. Doll last year.

Lastly, Dr.Doll gave some tips for learning, “It’s a very important thing for each student to experiment with a different way of preparing for the subject and find out what works for you.”

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