Dana’s winter sports teams are in full swing 

This winter trimester, the Dana Hall athletics program is offering six Varsity sports: basketball, swimming, diving, squash, ice hockey, and fencing. Director of Athletics, Health, and Wellness Mike White spoke about the 2023 season, saying, “We are very excited to have our winter athletes competing on the courts, the fencing studio, on the ice, and in the pool. There is a lot of spirit and energy within this season, and I hope the whole school community can come enjoy seeing and supporting the outstanding efforts on display by all of our athletes.”

 The Varsity basketball team started off their season with games against Pingree, Lexington Christian Academy, Windsor, and Portsmouth Abbey. As a recent addition to the basketball program, coach Jeff LaCure has been welcomed to the team. Captain Stephanie Copeland ‘23 noted, “Our new coach this year is very passionate about basketball and wants us to succeed. Our first few competitors have been very strong teams, but I’m confident that as the season continues and we adjust to the new coach and get more comfortable with each other, we will have some great outcomes!” Team member Hanais Alcantara ‘25 also stated, “I am so happy to be part of this team. We all really care about the sport and also work well together, which makes me even more excited for the season to continue.”  The team has upcoming games against Newton Country Day School, and Middlesex School. You can follow the schedule and more on the Varsity basketball team page

The Varsity swim team began competitions at the end of December against Wheeler School, Beaver Country Day School, Norton High School, Weston High School and Windsor School. Team Captain Sydney Jiang ‘23 said, “We have a really strong team this year, with Varsity swimmers joining us even from the fifth grade! There were so many new faces during tryouts, and I’m especially excited that we have younger swimmers to support our team as we face new competition this year and next. Our first meet was a success, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the season!” The team has upcoming games against Windsor School and Berwick Academy. You can follow the schedule and more on the Varsity swimming team page.

The Varsity diving team had their first meet against Weston High School. New coach Jan Rushton reflected on the competition saying, “Our first meet was a great start to the season! I’m so excited to see our team thrive in these upcoming weeks!” The team has welcomed Jan, who previously coached field hockey at Dana Hall in the fall, and is a new Diving coach this year. Varsity diving Captain Chloe Conca ‘25 noted, “We have a couple new people on the team this year who I feel have great potential for future years in diving. The team is also very excited about our new coach​​ who is very loving and dedicated to the sport. I am looking forward to seeing how we will progress throughout​​ the winter season!” Chloe Giangrasso ‘27 said,  “I’m very thankful that Dana gives me the opportunity to be on a Varsity team as an eighth grader. I feel like I have already developed close friendships with highschoolers through diving, which makes me look even more forward to joining the upper school and continuing diving next year!”  You can follow the schedule and more at the Varsity diving team page.

The Varsity ice hockey team began their season with wins against Portsmouth Abbey, and Fay school, along with other games against Milton Academy, Rivers, and Windsor School. Team member Siena Esposito ‘25 stated, “I think the season is going very well, we have a super young group which is good because the program will improve over time. Also, we all have a really good bond in the locker room and have a lot of fun together off of the ice. We’ve been able to set individual goals and tell them to each other before games of what we want to work on and follow through with them and remind each other.” Ice hockey has upcoming games against Pingree School and Noble and Greenough School. You can follow the schedule and more at the Varsity ice hockey team page.

The varsity squash team started their season off competing against Saint Marks School, Moses Brown School, Winsor School, Milton Academy and Portsmouth Abbey, resulting in three wins and two losses for Dana Hall. They have upcoming games against Tabor Academy, on February 3, Wheeler School, on February 8, and Newton country day school, on February 15. You can follow the schedule and more at the varsity squash team page.

The Varsity fencing team welcomes all Dana Hall students from grades 5-12 who have various athletic backgrounds. The team began their season competing against BU Academy, International School of Boston, Concord Carlisle High School, Lexington High School and Northampton High School, which were all won by Dana Hall, resulting in an undefeated season. They have an upcoming competition against Needham High School and Concord Carlisle High School on February 1. You can follow the schedule and more at the Varsity fencing team page.

Image Source: Adam Richins Photography

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