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Dana Hall’s current schedule should be changed

Next school year (2023-2024), Dana Hall should think about revamping the schedule. The schedule was changed two years ago with the best intentions as they wanted the Middle and Upper school schedules to overlap as well as having fewer transitions throughout the day. However, the previous schedule was better. I think Dana Hall should think about going back to the previous schedule in the future years. Currently, the schedule consists of classes meeting three times a week. The class periods meet for 60 minutes while every other week one class period meets for an hour and half. Conference Period, which is a built in time for students to get help with their teacher on material they are doing in class meets every day for 25 minutes. 

This schedule is troublesome, especially for Conference Period because there is not enough time to meet with multiple teachers and often students will not have enough time to get all their questions answered as there are a lot of people at each teachers Conference. The hour and a half classes are also challenging as there has been a lot of feedback from teachers and students that it can be hard to focus for that long period of time. A suggestion I have for the new schedule is:

The schedule should be reverted back to the old schedule before they changed it. This schedule entailed classes meeting four times a week for 45 minutes and one of the periods the class would meet for 60 minutes. This would mean that Conference Period would meet three times a week for 45-60 minutes. This would be very beneficial because students would be able to focus more in class with the shorter class periods. Students would also be able to meet with teachers longer and be able to meet with multiple teachers during Conference Period.

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