Dana Hall welcomes visitors from across the sea

Keep an eye out for the group of girls from Melbourne, Australia, and Zaragoza, Spain, who are visiting Dana Hall, but only for a short time. These exchange programs with The Ruyton School and Sansueña create unique opportunities for the girls involved.

The exchange between Dana Hall and Sansueña started this year. The girls from Spain have been here this September for three weeks, and the students from Dana will go to Spain in March. Academic Dean Nancy Rich said that the exchange so far has “gone extremely well,” and she believes it to be “an exchange program that will last every year.” Patricia Iglesias ’16 expressed a positive experience because of the “girls from Dana Hall who have been so nice.” Her friend, Cristina Garcias ’16, agreed because they have been “treated like every other girl.”

Although it is the first year of the exchange between Dana Hall and Sansueña, Dana has had an exchange with The Ruyton School for about 20 years. This year, there are two sophomores from Australia who are getting exposed to American culture during a six-week stay with their host families. Sesharna Bala 17′ is here from Australia and had “wanted to come to America and be able to see how this school system and everything else here works.”

Learning about another country comes naturally when one gets to travel to the country and be fully exposed in the culture. Fortunately, Dana Hall is able to offer exchange programs that do just that. Campbell Brown ’17 is hosting a girl from Sansueña and made it clear she has “enjoyed teaching about American culture and foods” because she understands that they are here “to have the best experience possible.”


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