Dana Hall Students show their cultures

Eleven percent of Dana Hall students are international, representing 12 countries, and they were celebrated during the school’s International Day, which ran April 20th to 23rd. The event included a Parade of Flags, Taste of Nations, Show Your Culture, and culturally related weekend activities. Students were also encouraged to wear traditional clothing.

Students volunteered to show their cultures’ flags during the All School Meeting, parading flags from Brazil, China, Colombia, Haiti, India, Ireland, Jamaica, Jordan, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United States, and Vietnam.

Other students brought food such as Brigadeiro, Tteikbokki, Gimbap, Dumplings, rice cakes, and candy for everyone to try during the second lunch period. Audrey Song ‘26 said that she wanted to participate in the Taste of Nations because “it’s important that we share each other’s culture, especially since we have so many international students.” Izzy Ding ‘26 also responded, “I want to share my culture with the whole school.” 

Annie Stewart ‘23 hosted an Irish Step Dance lesson during the second lunch on Friday, where she taught Irish dance steps and techniques.

During the weekend, some students went to the Fasika Restaurant, which is an Ethiopian restaurant. 

International Day is an event created by the International Student Association (ISA) and the Student Council to represent and show the diversity in Dana Hall’s community.

International Day was originally scheduled to be held on April 13th but was postponed because the Middle School was not available on April 13th but the ISA and Student Council wanted everyone to be able to attend the event.

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