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Dana Hall Starts Spring Strong In Athletics

On Wednesday, April 24th, Varsity Lacrosse won their away game against Concord Academy 24-12. These high-scoring games aren’t out of the ordinary for this spring season; this trimester, athletes have surpassed expectations on and off the field. Varsity teams, in particular, have had the chance to surpass previously set school records and build their teams for the future.

One challenge for this season’s athletes is the weather. Both Sully and Suby agreed- subpar weather is the biggest obstacle for athletes this season.

Suby says that“it’s still early and the thing that wasn’t expected was the weather”.

However, Suby also noted that seeing a lot of fans outside, cheering on sports games, is sure to get the school spirit rekindled.

There are a lot of opportunities for real success in the 2019 Spring Season. Tennis has the chance to win its 4th EIL championship team in a row, which no other school has done before. EIL stands for Eastern Independent League, and it includes Dana Hall as well as eleven private schools in New England. Audrey Lee, captain of Varsity Tennis, says that winning EILs in 2019 would be amazing: “For me, winning the EILs means a lot because we won EILs every year I’ve been on the team, and it would mean a lot to me to win all four!”

As for the matches themselves, Audrey remains optimistic. She said that,

“We played our first EIL match last Wednesday (4/24), which didn’t go as well as we wanted. But we won our Southfield match, so that was really good.”

Audrey also mentions the change in team members. Many of the seniors graduated and have left Dana Hall Tennis behind, and now they are working to refill the team with new, talented players.

According to Suby, Varsity Lacrosse is said to be the most exciting team to watch in the upcoming months and they have a lot of potential. They have won five out of their nine games; their winning scores were 18-3, 17-9, 24-12, 17-7 and 18-12. These high-scoring games are sure to draw fans and create great success for the team.

Furthermore, the middle school teams have been doing very well. Middle School B Lacrosse won 12-2 against Fay School on April 17th, which is very rare- Fay is very strong in athletics; we often lose to them.

You can go to the Dana Hall website to find the sports schedules for middle school, Junior Varsity, and Varsity teams for all sports. They would all appreciate it if a lot of people came out to support them!

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