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Dana Hall dons the cozy craze: Ugg boots and slippers take center stage

In the heart of New England winters at Dana Hall School, the revamp of a long standing fashion trend has taken over, warming the hearts and toes of students across campus. The new styles and colors of the Ugg boot and slipper have become a staple on Dana Hall’s campus. 

Around the hallways of Dana Hall “it’s basically impossible to ignore all of the Uggs,” stated Ella Schwarz ‘25. From the Classic Ultra Mini to the stylish Coquette Slipper, these “very warm and soft” shoes have become essential.

A style that has picked up the most buzz and has indefinite backorder dates due to their popularity are the Women’s Classic Ultra Mini (retailing for $150), offered in seven different colors. They are made very similar to the Ugg boots that had everyone hooked in the 2000s, but with a lower shaft height for easy on and off. Outside sellers such as Amazon and GOAT, a footwear resale website, have begun to carry the Classic Ultra Minis because of their popularity and people’s desire to get their hands on them.

One of the most noticeable and new styles, the Women’s Classic Ultra Mini Platform (retailing for $160), comes in seven different colors. The two-inch platform offers “a bolder look than ever” according to the Ugg website. These platforms offer a  “leg-lengthening” look to customers and are considered a twist on the Classic Ultra Minis.

The Dana Hall Varsity Field Hockey Team changing their school shoes to cleats before a game.

The style of a slide-on slipper is seen in the Women’s Coquette Slipper (retailing for $120), available in four colors. Ugg refers to them as “luxurious” due to their sheepskin fur and soles designed to fit anyone. The ease and comfort presented by Ugg are qualities that have drawn Dana Hall students in when choosing footwear.

A mix between the slide on Ultra Mini boots and open back Coquette Slippers, the Tasman Slipper (retailing for $110) seen in five colors is attached to a 1.5 inch sole. They are a crossover between an indoor and outdoor shoe with the shape of a slipper but the design of a boot that can be worn in variations of weather.

But why the surge in Ugg popularity? These new styles that have become the most common versions on campus are one aspect but also “It is the unmatched comfort, the warmth and the selection of shapes and colors” and “Being able to slide them on when I am running late in the morning is also one of the best parts, and why I think they’re so popular at a school in New England,”  according to Ariella Kaye ‘24.

The variety of styles and colors seen around Dana Hall shows a sense of personal expression among students. Ariella added, “Uggs or variations of them that we always see are fun to wear in any grade with any outfit. I have pink Ultra Minis. I love them!”

The Ugg trend at Dana Hall School is not just about footwear; it’s one that speaks to comfort, style, and self expression. 

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