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Dana Hall community prepares to move into the new Upper School Classroom Building

After this article was published, Ms. Bradley has announced that the ribbon cutting ceremony and the opening of the Upper School building will happen on March 4.

The Classroom Building Project has been underway for a year and a half, and Dana Hall’s Administration has planned out a five to eight-day move-in process. The specific move-in date depends on when Dana Hall will receive the certificate of occupancy from the town of Wellesley.

According to a February 5 email from Ms. Katherine Bradley, Head of School, “We will have a phased sequencing into the Upper School building that will allow for a smooth transition.”

Dana Hall’s Building and Grounds department as well as hired moving companies will help move things that faculty and staff packed away back into the building at the start of this move-in process. Students will get an orientation before all the classes officially begin in the new building.

The school has no control over when the certificate of occupancy will be issued. “The only reason why more details haven’t been shared is because we’re still uncertain about when it’s going to happen and because of that little details keep changing. When we put out the details for things, we want it to be really clear and final,” says Ms. Krista Falcone, Assistant Director of the Upper School.

Currently, furniture is being moved into the new building. All the technology–such as projectors, wifi, ID card, and sound system–are installed and ready. According to Mr. Fred Clayton, Director of Information Systems, “[The technology in the Upper School Building] is an extension of what we already have. That building will operate very similarly.”

“It should feel familiar. It will look new to everybody but it will operate the same. That was one of the guiding principles of this building,” says Mr. Clayton

The Advancement Office is planning a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Upper School Building for the first day of classes in the new facility. According to Ms. Christie Baskett, Chief Advancement Officer, “We’re talking about starting with a Step Sing, cutting the ribbon and then a program in Waldo Auditorium to celebrate and mark this historic day for Dana Hall School.”

The Advancement Office will also host a Blue and White night on April 27th for parents and alumni to celebrate the new building.

According to Ms. Falcone, “I’m very excited about this; everybody, students, teachers, staff, everybody is excited. Everybody is also nervous because change is hard, and I think it’ll take us some time to get into the new flow of things, doing familiar things in new spaces. But we’ve all had to adapt to a lot of different things in the last four or five years as a school, as a community, and I know we are well prepared to support each other as we move into this really beautiful new facility.”

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