Cookie Monstah: That’s the way the tasty cookie crumbles

“Oh my goodness this place smells incredible!” These were the words that left the mouth of Avery Williamson ’24 the moment she stepped foot into Needham’s very own Cookie Monstah for the first time. 

After four long months of renovations, Cookie Monstah opened its doors to the public in late July. The long awaited cookies did not disappoint. Selling nearly 500 cookies daily, Cookie Monstah has become a hotspot for sweet treats. Tables and chairs throughout the shop make it an excellent place to meet up with friends or get some work done.

The shop is located on Highland Avenue, only a short walk from Needham High School, so students make up a majority of the nearly 130 customers per day. “Friday nights are often our busiest. With the high school football game happening right down the street, we tend to get a lot of students coming over for a quick sweet treat,” according to employee Jayie Chou.

Out of the 14 flavors offered, including oatmeal raisin, birthday cake, sugar cookies, and double chocolate, chocolate chunk is by far the most popular. “There is a perfect balance of chocolate chunks to cookie, and this chocolate just melts in my mouth! It makes me want to go back for more,” said Eloise Svedlund ‘24.

The delicious cookies are baked directly in the shop. Ms. Chou said, “Our excellent manager Jay Walsh comes in early every morning to bake the cookies from scratch. On average, he makes about two pans (30 cookies each) per cookie flavor, so about 840 cookies per day.” Anna Steiger ‘23 noted, “It tastes so fresh. The perfect crunch on the outside, and moist consistency on the inside.”

The shop also offers ice cream sandwiches, floats, and sundaes, with nearly 30 ice cream flavors.

Out of the four shop locations, the Needham location is the closest to Dana Hall. Parking is always available, making for easy access. If you are not the type who likes going directly into the shop, especially during the Covid pandemic, Cookie Monstah’s food trucks can be tracked on this website.

With such excellent customer service, a vast selection of tasty treats, relative proximity to Dana Hall, and easy access to both shops and trucks, Cookie Monstah is a 10/10 recommend.

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