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Changes in Schedule: Graduation before Exams

As the school year reaches the final stretch, many people are excited because summer is around the corner, but many are also stressed because of the upcoming exams. In the following school year, however, there will be a significant change in the end-of-year schedule as commencement will take place before exams on June 1, 2019.

So why is Dana making this change? According to Ms. Keimowitz, Director of the Upper School, this change “allows 12th graders and their families to end their Dana Hall time on a positive note,” and many can start their summer job early. She also mentioned that we are making this change to model the standard schedule at many other boarding schools. On one hand, it indeed is a relief for the seniors as they are eager to move on and often are finished far before school ends. On the other hand, underclassmen may feel distracted from studying and reviewing for exams.

With this early graduation, it is more likely that the entire community will be together for the event. “This change also gives an opportunity for us all to celebrate the seniors before they leave,” said Ms. Ryan, Dean of Students. For boarding students, there have been many flight issues causing the students to miss graduation ceremony.

With this change, seniors can leave school early (June 1st) and graduate more in line with other schools. There will also be a change in time for the senior project, as it will begin once they take their last AP. Underclassmen may need some time to get used to this change with all the end-of-year activities happening before exams. However, they are likely to find the environment after June 1 quieter and more conducive for studying. “We are also working on a plan for some end-of-year events after exams,” Ms. Keimowitz remarked, to celebrate the close of school.

Find below a summary of next year’s end-of-year schedule to better plan your time!

June 2019

1 Commencement (Required Grades 9-12)

1-2 Upper School Community Weekend

4-7 Upper School Exams (Grades 9-11)

7 8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony (Required Grades 5-8)

8 Dorms Close at 12 p.m.

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