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Cause for Celebration

On April 25th, Couture for a Cause, Dana Hall’s own fashion show, celebrated its 10th anniversary, showcasing a variety of designs, while supporting an amazing cause.

10 years ago, the class of 2009 started an art club, the MFA, or Movement of Art. The first show was organized by two students as a weekend event, and until this year, they’ve typically been held as such. Members of the show are usually from the Exploring Design, Art Lab, and Creating Character class, but all members of the community are invited to join.

The dresses are typically made from scratch or tailored from existing outfits, but for students who are daunted by the idea of developing their own design, Mr. Frasinelli cuts out templates of blank dresses, which are available to be dyed, cut, or changed, however the designer sees fit. As Mr. Fraz says, the dresses are “concept heavy,” meaning that they’re runway outfits, as opposed to everyday clothes.

In being a part of the class, “girls learn how to start with a sketch, and then create their design, and then how to use or alter existing patterns, or develop their own pattern to create the dress.” There is an abundance of materials to use, such as: dying, physical fabrics, stamping, soap-screening, digital fabric patterns, and paper/plastic bags, materials that aren’t typically used in fashion.

Kayla Terzioglu, a senior, who both modeled and designed for the show, suggested that anyone interested in the show should join. Kayla designed the donut dress, something that she said she had a lot of fun with. This was Kayla’s first year in the fashion show, and worked on her dress with her own free time, spanning 3 months working in the studio 1-2 times a week.

The Art Department raised money for Kiva, an organization which loans money to different people across the globe who are financially struggling and “unbanked.” In taking part in the bake sale and buying the jug band t-shirts, we raised money to help 3.2 million people on Kiva searching for loans.

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