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Fostering youth civic engagement in Wellesley: a call to action

Wellesley, Massachusetts, has long been recognized for its great schools and community vibrancy. Despite these attributes, the town encounters its share of youth civic engagement obstacles, including voter apathy and limited representation in local government. Despite the town’s well-informed community, voter apathy remains a concern among young voters. As an […]

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Let’s pay attention to the exploitation of Congo

One year ago, Pope Francis said, “Hands off the Democratic Republic of Congo! Stop choking Africa: It is not a mine to be stripped or a terrain to be plundered. What is happening here needs to be known.” Yet, the media and US Congress still hasn’t given a lot of […]

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Tween obsession with skincare and why we need to talk about it

If you have gone into a Sephora in the past couple of months, you may have noticed the stores being nearly overrun by young girls. What makes this even weirder is that these girls are obsessed with buying and using trendy skincare that are meant for people nearly triple their […]

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“Fostering greater access and equality” in Bardwell and Beveridge

Accessibility is one of the most important additions to the newly rebuilt Upper School Classroom Building. An elevator will be available for future Dana students who use a wheelchair or anyone else in our community who may benefit from an elevator. It will also help to turn our goals of […]

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Fashion microtrends: Why they are dangerous for our economy, environment, and psychology

Although there are positive aspects of social media, I believe that its rise in popularity has increased fashion microtrends that are largely harmful to human life. Microtrends increase consumerism and materialism, convincing people in the younger generation that they need to buy a certain product to fit in.  A lot […]

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Iran must stop harassment of families of killed protestors

It has been a little more than a year since the famous “Woman Life Freedom” uprising began in Iran following the death in custody of Mahsa Amini for breaking the hijab law. The news about her death sparked controversy against the Iranian government; people protested for her, but many lost […]

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The car radio has been forgotten

Over breakfast one day in the Dining Hall, I brought up the dilemma discussed on that morning’s edition of ‘‘Morning Court,” a comedy podcast played on the radio 105.7 WROR. While some of my friends said they listen to various game shows played on the radio, a lot of them […]

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Coachella is not worth attending if you are a ‘mere mortal’

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival takes place in Indio, California, in the Colorado Desert. It’s held over a three-day-weekend, and its founders, Rick Van Santen, design it to highlight some of the world’s most famous artists. Over 250,000 go to the festival every year, which began in 1999. […]

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Dana Hall needs to consider learners who benefit from paper

Headaches, bad posture, fluctuating sleep schedules, and distractions are the result of working on computer or iPad. Paper can actually be beneficial to learning as opposed to working on technology, which can be hurtful towards the academic growth of teens. In my opinion, there is nothing that helps me learn […]

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The Taliban’s national ban on women’s education

In September 2021, the Taliban announced a ban on women’s education in Afghanistan, making it the only country in the world where female students are banned from attending school beyond the sixth grade. This decision to ban women from secondary-school education has created widespread discourse in human rights groups, who […]