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Wellesley families stand against bullying in their town

On October 20, I drove to Dana Hall like any regular school morning, passing Wellesley High School on my route. On this particular day, though, I saw a large crowd of people protesting outside Wellesley High School. Signs reading “Wake up Administration,” “You’re silence is deafening,” “WMHS do better,” and […]

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The indisputable importance of affinity spaces

Efforts by conservative Wellesley parents to eliminate affinity spaces in Wellesley Public Schools are at best misguided but more likely conscious attempts to protect their privilege.  In light of the shootings in Atlanta last March that left six Asian American women dead, Wellesley Public Schools invited community members of color […]

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Mac Jones may be a rookie, but he is the future of the Patriots

Mac Jones was drafted by the New England Patriots in the first round this season on April 29, 15th overall, becoming their new quarterback. Many did not expect him to end up with the Patriots, even though Jones was one of the top quarterback prospects of the 2021 NFL Draft. […]

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2021 Met Gala, dissected

Fashion’s biggest night. Arguably, fashion’s biggest hit or miss night. The night when the stars walk the carpet and Twitter explodes. The Met Gala. Thanks to Covid, we’ll have two Galas this year, the first being “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion.” I’ve had time to mull over the looks […]

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“Amor caritas” doesn’t inspire women to change the world

Amor Caritas, Dana Hall’s motto since the early twentieth century, is a compelling statement in a religious context, but in a secular institution, it has been watered down to mere “niceness.” Dana Hall pushes its students to “learn, lead, and succeed,” but how does embodying “kindness,” something that is often […]

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Together, let’s lose the intolerable weight of diet culture

When I search “How to” on google, the second answer it gives me is “how to lose weight quickly.” I have been struggling with my body image for years now. “I hate my thighs” and “My calves are too big” are things that could be heard coming out of my […]

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The Green Action Committee worries about “fast fashion”

Fast fashion is defined by The Good Trade (a “premier resource for sustainable fashion and lifestyle content) as “a design, manufacturing, and marketing method focused on rapidly producing high volumes of clothing.” “Fast fashion” is a buzzword in the sustainability movement for a very good reason: the need for change […]

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Creating space for necessary discussions

The day after Derek Chauvin was pronounced guilty of murdering George Floyd, I attended one of the optional meetings offered during morning classes. I was saddened, though, to find only a handful of students there. I do not believe this is because there was no one beyond that space who […]

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The World’s A Little Blurry shares the impact one girl made on a generation’s mental health

In 2016, a 13-year-old recorded her debut single “Ocean Eyes” and unexpectedly gained attention from thousands when it went viral. The world was blessed with Billie Eilish, a now 19-year-old teenage sensation who rose to global fame after releasing her freshman album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We […]

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Dana Hall should trust the facts and require the vax

For the 2021-2022 school year, Dana Hall should require all eligible students and faculty to be vaccinated for COVID-19. Requiring vaccinations will allow Dana Hall to return to as much normality as possible, and we believe that this can only benefit the mental and physical health of students.  Dana Hall […]