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Coachella is not worth attending if you are a ‘mere mortal’

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival takes place in Indio, California, in the Colorado Desert. It’s held over a three-day-weekend, and its founders, Rick Van Santen, design it to highlight some of the world’s most famous artists. Over 250,000 go to the festival every year, which began in 1999. […]

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Dana Hall needs to consider learners who benefit from paper

Headaches, bad posture, fluctuating sleep schedules, and distractions are the result of working on computer or iPad. Paper can actually be beneficial to learning as opposed to working on technology, which can be hurtful towards the academic growth of teens. In my opinion, there is nothing that helps me learn […]

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The Taliban’s national ban on women’s education

In September 2021, the Taliban announced a ban on women’s education in Afghanistan, making it the only country in the world where female students are banned from attending school beyond the sixth grade. This decision to ban women from secondary-school education has created widespread discourse in human rights groups, who […]


We should look through our differences with a new perspective

Revised from the award-winning essay from the American Society of Human Genetics’ International DNA Day contest. On May 21, 2023, Real Madrid Player Vinicius Jr. was subjected to racist abuse during the team’s away tie against Valencia, which aroused a heated debate. On May 30, a German soccer club was […]

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Upper School Forum: Bring in more guests, please

Each year, only a small number of Forum Classes are dedicated to special speakers and companies teaching classes, but these outside speakers leave an everlasting impression and impact on students. For example, this year the Senior Class participated in self-defense classes taught by Impact Boston. Though there are numerous videos […]

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Athletes, money, and the new trend of sportswashing

In the realm of sports, where fierce competition, raw talent, and unyielding passion reign supreme, a disconcerting phenomenon has emerged: “sportswashing.” Beyond the exhilarating goals, breathtaking victories, and heart-wrenching defeats lies a web of questionable alliances and strategic partnerships. The concept of sportswashing refers to the exploitation of sporting events […]

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American citizens must take action in the war in Ukraine

While walking through Massachusetts suburbs in the winter and spring of 2022, you would have frequently caught a glimpse of blue and yellow colored flags billowing alongside many homes. Now, with a year having passed since the Russian government’s invasion of Ukraine, American citizens have failed to remain attentive towards […]

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The Willow Project is an irrevocable burden for our planet

The Willow Project is an oil drilling project proposed in 2017 by ConocoPhillips, a multinational energy corporation based in the United States. The project is located in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska, on the North Slope plain. The effects of oil drilling are tremendously destructive to the environment. By […]

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The Anti-Trans Movement needs to be addressed as a nationwide issue, not a regional one

After the great advancements that have been made in terms of equal opportunities and rights for people part of the lgbtq+ community, these recent few years have been a sad regression that is a step back in terms of the inclusivity and equal access to care that many have fought […]

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Parents are banning books unfairly in public school libraries

As an independent school in Massachusetts, we feel removed from discussions of banned books in public schools. However, most Americans attend public schools, so it is important that Dana Hall students are exposed to public instruction in order to be responsible citizens. Unjust book banning in school libraries has been […]