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Permission granted to eat as much as you want today

It’s safe to say that back in the Stone Age there was no such thing as a diet. What do you think our ancestors did when they finally had access to food after a prolonged period of famine? The obvious answer is that they’d eat as much as they could […]

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Racial and economic injustice in the COVID-19 pandemic

As of May 26, 2020, Massachusetts has the fifth highest number of coronavirus cases in the country with 93,271 total cases. While the state as a whole has been hit especially hard, cases vary immensely on a town-by-town basis. In fact, when comparing coronavirus hotspots in the state with racial […]

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A smaller carbon footprint during and after COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has prevented millions of people from going to work. Social distancing measures are keeping people inside their houses and apartments. After months of social distancing from friends and family, it may be difficult to find a silver lining, but the mobs of wild monkeys in Thailand disagree.  […]

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Why X Blocks?

1:05 is a good time for a nap. But this is also the time when X-blocks normally take place, and it can be hard for some people to stay focused. Since it is not a course, why does the school dedicate so much time and effort to these lectures? I […]

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Diversity at Dana: Part One, the Problems

With 28% of Dana Hall’s students of color being domestic and 15% being international students, students of color make up a minority of the Dana Hall student population. The Dana community, sometimes referred to as a bubble, is often known for being unlike the real world. In every description of […]


Gun-free school zones should be federal, not state, law

The new Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos recently irresponsibly claimed that the issue of school personnel having guns is “best left to locales and states to decide.” I disagree with her opinion, however. It should be the federal law that school should be a gun-free zone since among all the weapons, […]

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Finals don’t need to be ruff

Imagine we’re approaching the last days of May and year-long review sheets are being handed out and study groups are being formed. It’s exam season! While Dana does a lot to help us prepare for exams and help us remain calm, such as bringing in massage therapists and leaving a […]

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Let’s change our dress code

Dana Hall’s dress code prohibits “skintight clothing.” This phrase in the dress code is inequitably enforced both in the clothing it’s applied to and to whom it’s applied, which reinforces the unfair standard that girls are subjected to in our society. As a feminist school, we can and should abide […]


Vote “Yes” on Question 3 and support animal rights

Massachusetts voters have a chance next Tuesday, November 8, to take a stand in favor of animal rights. Ballot measure 3 is against farm animal confinement. The law, if passed, would prohibit any farm operator from knowingly put any breeding pig, calf raised for veal, or egg-laying hen in confinement […]

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Civility but not complicity

The 2016 presidential election is like no other because candidates have spent more time attacking one another than explaining their platforms. If candidates are spewing ad hominem attacks, how will Americans be able to make an informed decision in November? At Dana Hall, will political discussions become catfights? As a […]