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Seeking a better solution to Forum’s teacher preparation

Following the growing popularity of the Black Lives Matter movement due to the murder of George Floyd on Memorial Day in 2020, Forum educators have taken on a new social justice initiative. However, the Forum teachers need to handle discussions surrounding racial identity and gender expression differently. Because the curriculum […]

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A moment to celebrate: Lunar New Year becomes a school holiday

Lunar New Year, the most important cultural holiday for many Asian community members, will finally be able to be fully celebrated by Dana Hall students. On February 11, Head of School Ms. Katherine Bradley announced that starting next year, Lunar New Year will be celebrated with a day off of […]

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A case for snow days

Since Covid-19 hit and everything turned virtual, schools like Dana Hall are facing the challenge of retaining a healthy balance between going to school and giving students the occasional snow day. We no longer technically need snow days, but snow days go hand in hand with winter in Massachusetts. This […]

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Gigi Hadid should give credit where credit is due

It’s natural for people to want to share their opinion on something they’re excited about. American model Gigi Hadid did just this when she posted videos of herself making a Spicy Vodka Pasta recipe on her Instagram story in 2020. The media immediately jumped on this recipe, which then became […]

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Stacey Abram’s impact

With the Georgia Senate runoffs today, the U.S senate has the very real potential to flip towards a Democratic majority. This would allow President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris to pass progressive laws far more easily. What was once considered a deeply Republican red state is now bursting with eager […]

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Lessons and practices to take from our hybrid model

Due to participating in the hybrid model this fall and winter, I have had a lot more time to myself recently to actually think about things other than my school work, all thanks to not being on campus 24/7. The hybrid model for a student in high school is very […]

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Quarantine’s effect on my mental health

Quarantine has been hard on a lot of people, and we talk about the stress of it all, but we don’t recognize how this affects our mental health. I should know, I have been on a mental health journey throughout quarantine.  In my personal experience during quarantine, my mental health […]

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The ethics of the choice to return to campus

In early August, when the Dana Hall administration released the school’s original plan to start 100% online, I was disappointed yet not surprised. I understood that by staying home, Dana Hall was prioritizing the safety of the community. I was upset because I was missing out on my senior year. […]

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Permission granted to eat as much as you want today

It’s safe to say that back in the Stone Age there was no such thing as a diet. What do you think our ancestors did when they finally had access to food after a prolonged period of famine? The obvious answer is that they’d eat as much as they could […]

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Racial and economic injustice in the COVID-19 pandemic

As of May 26, 2020, Massachusetts has the fifth highest number of coronavirus cases in the country with 93,271 total cases. While the state as a whole has been hit especially hard, cases vary immensely on a town-by-town basis. In fact, when comparing coronavirus hotspots in the state with racial […]