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The NCAA has Banned Celsius and Other Energy Drinks- Here’s What You Need To Know

Just like any other year, in 2022, the National Collegiate Athletic Association posted their banned substances list. That year’s iteration, however, was updated to include the energy drink Celsius and many of its ingredients, including guarana, taurine, ginseng, and L-carnitine. As a result of these ingredient bans, many other energy […]

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An ode to retro entertainment: 28th season of The Bachelor 

From early January to late March this year, a new episode of The Bachelor streamed every Monday at 8pm on ABC, luring in viewers from across the country. This week-to-week television style has brought people together, whether online or at in-person watch parties. The drama between the contestants on the […]

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The M7 card should be available for every zone of the commuter rail

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) is a resource for education accessibility through its recent M7 program. An M7 card is a preloaded MBTA Pass that middle and high school Boston resident students can use all year round. These passes are paid for by schools and can be used for […]

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Digi cams and vinyl in 2024: Making peace with the present 

“Bring your digi cam,” a familiar hum in group chats, is something that I’ve been instructed to do many times. My digital camera is not new, in fact it previously belonged to my dad, or maybe my grandmother. It is so old that I simply can’t recall its origins. I’ve […]

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Dana Hall dons the cozy craze: Ugg boots and slippers take center stage

In the heart of New England winters at Dana Hall School, the revamp of a long standing fashion trend has taken over, warming the hearts and toes of students across campus. The new styles and colors of the Ugg boot and slipper have become a staple on Dana Hall’s campus.  […]

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Jo Koy’s Golden Globes monologue receives criticism

In January, comedian Jo Koy hosted the 2023 Golden Globes. During his monologue, he made many comments about current hot topics such as Taylor Swift, the NFL, and most controversially, the Barbie movie. In the weeks since the event, Koy has received a lot of criticism from the press and […]

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Tween obsession with skincare and why we need to talk about it

If you have gone into a Sephora in the past couple of months, you may have noticed the stores being nearly overrun by young girls. What makes this even weirder is that these girls are obsessed with buying and using trendy skincare that are meant for people nearly triple their […]

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Fashion microtrends: Why they are dangerous for our economy, environment, and psychology

Although there are positive aspects of social media, I believe that its rise in popularity has increased fashion microtrends that are largely harmful to human life. Microtrends increase consumerism and materialism, convincing people in the younger generation that they need to buy a certain product to fit in.  A lot […]

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Taylor Swift courses enter the classroom

Many young people are interested in Taylor Swift, from all over the world to here at Dana Hall. Swift is a 12-time Grammy winner and arguably the biggest pop star today. She is so successful in her field of singing and songwriting that her work is being taught in universities. […]


Tackling holiday consumerism and environmental impact

Many Americans participate in the yearly mass consumption, spending, shopping, and traveling that come with holiday festivities. Unfortunately, this annual spree causes 23% more household waste than in other months according to a 2023 study conducted by the Center of Biological Diversity. In particular, wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper, […]