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Students’ learning experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic

This fall, Dana Hall students have had two different learning models, as laid out by Head of School Katherine Bradley in an August 19 email. Local students were given the option to choose between learning 100% remotely or in the hybrid model, which is 50% remote learning and 50% on-campus […]


The REACH app helps keep the Dana Hall campus safe

As Dana Hall students arrive at school each morning, they are required to show the green check on their phones to an administrator showing that they’ve completed the daily health screening for COVID-19 symptoms. Only then are they allowed on campus. The app our community uses is called the REACH […]


Truly’s suffers from loss of Dana Hall customers

Dana Hall students have been enjoying ice cream and frozen yogurt at Truly’s for years. However, among the changes due to the global pandemic, one that affects Truly’s financially is that Dana Hall no longer has free periods. Due to COVID-19, hybrid students are unable to leave and return to […]

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International Asian students’ long journey back home

Since most schools and universities decided to stop classes in March due to the COVID-19, international students and families around the globe were forced to return to their home country. To prevent a second wave of the virus, many governments in Asia started mandatory quarantine for travellers, which impacted the […]

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Quarantine provides students with time to try new activities

In the wake of the changes happening because of Covid-19, many Dana Hall students have been able to make the best of the situation and find new and interesting activities. With classes online, students are using the extra time they have to try new hobbies, either for classes or on […]

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Do something for others: Volunteer opportunities during quarantine

During this time of crisis, it is easy to feel helpless when the best thing to do to help is stay at home. One way to mitigate those feelings, as well as make a substantive difference in your community, is through charity. In addition to donating money, here is a […]

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A smaller carbon footprint during and after COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has prevented millions of people from going to work. Social distancing measures are keeping people inside their houses and apartments. After months of social distancing from friends and family, it may be difficult to find a silver lining, but the mobs of wild monkeys in Thailand disagree.  […]


The Class of 2020 Legacy Project reimagines senior projects for the pandemic era

The Dana Hall Class of 2020 is participating in an alternative, at-home Senior Project from May 11 through May 29, while Dana Hall is doing virtual learning during the COVID-19 outbreak. Normally during this time, the graduating class participates in off-campus senior projects, being mentored by professionals in the Boston […]

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Mr. Kieran Fitness, math teacher and Renaissance man

Mr. Kieran Fitness, the newest addition to the Dana Hall Upper School Mathematics Department, has a tendency to diminish his accomplishments. This is a quality that was highlighted by his wife, Dr. Emma Towlson: “I think he is modest to the point of massively underselling himself.” In addition to being […]

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Teaching for democratic change: Ms. Lindsey Galvao

Ms. Lindsey Galvao came to Dana Hall this year as Student Affairs Coordinator, US History teacher, and Ninth-Grade Dean. At Dana Hall, Ms. Galvao has been able to pursue her passion of creating democratic change by educating girls. Before coming to Dana Hall, she worked at another all-girls school for […]