Astronaut Sunita Williams touches down at Dana

Astronaut Sunita Williams, an astronaut who holds many records for her accomplishments throughout her career, visited Dana Hall to speak to a group of students on January 28. Although the snow kept most of the school from meeting her at the Wannamaker lecture originally scheduled for the night before, students were […]


A taste of Spain in Wellesley

If the spirit of a dwelling lingers long after the tenant has moved out, then Bocado Tapas Wine Bar has picked the right address. Housed in the former location of Paper Source, an innovative crafting store, creativity is infused in the property, and it translates into Bocado’s dishes. Innovation abounds […]


The New Student Center project is underway

The new Student Center is moving forward, thanks to financial contributions in December from the majority of the school community, matched by a donation of 1.5 million dollars from an anonymous donor. The school needed to raise 6 million dollars to go ahead with the project, but surpassed this goal, raising over […]

Arts / Community

Humans of Dana Hall

Inspired by the popular Facebook page Humans of New York, club founder Allie Novakoff ’17, with supporters Kate Brady ’17 and Emma Benkert ’17, are creating a club with a similar focus, called the Humans of Dana Hall club. With more likes on Facebook than the entire population of New York […]

Community / Opinion

Do #BlackLivesMatter at Dana Hall?

As a student at Dana Hall have you ever heard: “You’re Asian, so you must be smart” “Can you teach me how to twerk?” “Speak English, please, so I can understand the conversation that I am not a part of!” These are just a few example of micro-aggressions people of […]

Community / Lifestyle

Driving this winter: What to expect, how to prepare, and how to be safe

You are far more likely to be in a car accident in the winter than in the summer, so be prepared for the bad weather that we know is coming. Here are some tips from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), AAA, and Dana Hall Assistant Director of Facilities […]


Vaccinations rise in response to raised awareness about HPV

Since the school’s October 6, 2014 X-block presentation about the HPV virus, 14 girls have requested this vaccination from the Health Center, says Pia Manna, Director of the Health Center. The Health Center also offered a discussion at lunch that week to offer students more information and answer any additional […]


New club offers knowledge about Latin American world

The new Latin American Club is underway, holding its first meeting on Wednesday, November 12, which attracted many students to talk about current events and topics in the Latin American world. The club is headed by Sofia Vegas ’15, Valentina Cravioto ’15, and Marcela Vazquez ’17. Vegas had had hopes of starting this club […]

Academics / Community

Global Scholarship program encourages study of diverse cultures

Dana Hall has initiated the Global Scholarship Program, available to the freshman class as a four-year commitment to experience diverse, international perspectives through “curriculum choices, travel and projects undertaken at Dana Hall,” according to the Mission Statement of the Global Education Committee. Ultimately, students who fulfill the program’s requirements will earn a […]

Seven schools. 30 days. One winner.

Seven schools. 30 days. One winner.

The November Knockdown is an annual giving competition among the EIL schools in the greater Boston area. Aimed at encouraging young alumni to give back to their alma mater, the competition runs for the month of November. The winner of the competition is the school with the greatest alumni participation of classes […]