Arts / Community

Mexican ‘Closer Look’ features woodcarving and painting

The machete swung overhead, missing the woman’s face by only a few inches. Suspended for a moment, the massive blade caught the light and gleamed before cutting through the air, crashing down onto a block of wood and sending wood chips flying all over the stage. The audience watched, mesmerized, […]


Dorms compete in Halloween costumes

The boarding community dressed to impress on Tuesday, October 22, for the Halloween-themed community dinner. Each dorm tried to snag the prize of the best Halloween costume.The community dinner atmosphere was more festive than the actual night of Halloween, as not many boarding students went trick-or-treating on October 31 itself. […]

Athletics / Community

A successful Homecoming despite losses

On Saturday, October 26, the Dana Hall campus teemed with commotion, excitement, and team spirit. The Dana Dragons and the Newton Falcons were facing off for the second time this year at Dana Hall Homecoming. The day opened with Saturday classes, with Middle School games in the morning, Junior Varsity […]

Academics / Community

Overrun with zombies: MUN debates territorial and human rights

On Sunday, October 6, zombies took over Dana Hall’s lecture hall. This was not a zombie apocalypse; rather, it was the annual tryout simulation for the Model United Nations (MUN) team. Forty girls representing different countries debated what action should be taken in response to the use of biological weapons […]


ISA eats a deliberately “disorganized” dinner

Almost every international boarding student on campus—all of whom are automatically members of the International Students Association (ISA)—gathered on Thursday, October 3, and shared a meal in the Dining Center, learning culture from new friends. Seating at the dinner was a kind of scavenger hunt. Students were not arranged by […]


Senior-Sophomore brings character to campus

On Monday, September 23, after four days of posters, care packages, locker decorations, and candy, the anticipated Senior-Sophomore tradition commenced. On campus and around Wellesley, one could see Charmin bears, the Despicable Me minions, Alice in Wonderland, and Cindy Lou Who, to name a few of this year’s characters. While […]


A mid-autumn moon rises over Dana Hall

Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, is a Chinese holiday of family unions and thanksgivings. It takes place on the fifth day in August in the Asian lunar calendar, which fell on September 19 this year. On that night, Dana Hall house faculty hosted a celebration of the […]


Amor Caritas Day: Love and Caring in Three Different Ways


House faculty start a new life in dormitories

As the new school year began, six new Dana Hall house parents took up residence on campus. Lucy Mull, Priscilla Christie, and Rebecca Toms switched dormitories, and Nathalie Rieder, Lila Douglis, and Caity Sprague were hired as new house assistants. The Dean of Residential Life, Ms. Donna Corrigan, commented, “House […]


Flooding does minor damage on campus