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A Holocaust survivor tells his story

Gratitude, love, and optimism — three tenets Dana Hall students got to experience in the rawest form during a special assembly on September 20. Alex Gross, a Holocaust survivor, was interviewed by his grandaughter Marissa Lehv ’21 during a special assembly. Marissa says the interview was “difficult but it was […]


Putting the “student” back in “student activism”

Student activism is called student activism for a reason. It’s student-initiated, student-planned, and student-led. There should be no talking to this administrator or that teacher, no asking for permission. That’s what civil disobedience is. Otherwise, the rebellious aspect of protest, the point of protest, is missing.  This brings us to […]

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The more things change, …

2019-20 has already seen many changes in the schedule. Thursday mornings now have a different rhythm, and traditions such as Harbor Cruise, Cabaret, and Graduation have been moved around. On Thursday mornings, the first-period class is now before Class Meeting to make the Upper School schedule fits better with the […]


Food scraps now diverted at Dana Hall

If you’ve noticed two, side-by-side trash cans during lunch in the Dining Hall, separating garbage from food waste, then you’ve witnessed the new food diversion program that is the latest step in Dana Hall’s commitment to sustainability. The program that composts the dining center’s food waste started out as a […]

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Ms. Palmer takes on new challenges

Melissa Palmer joins the Dana Hall community this year as an Upper School math teacher, teaching geometry and pre-calculus. She also shows her capability and willingness to take on challenges through not only teaching a new subject, but also coaching JV Volleyball. Ms. Palmer came from Vermont Academy, where she […]

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Ms. Hanover: A new addition to the Science Department

Mary-Frances Hanover has just begun her new role at Dana Hall as the new AP Biology and Conceptual Physics teacher. Ms. Hanover heard about Dana Hall and its open position for a new science teacher through her brother in law, Mr. Brian Cook. She is now living on campus, across […]


Starting off school right with class retreats

The first Friday of school, September 6, students headed off on annual class trips. The freshmen spent an afternoon at a treetop adventure course, the sophomores clocked service hours and learned more about food insecurity while farming, the juniors embarked on a rafting adventure, and the seniors spent a relaxing […]

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Silver Sisters of the Past

April 27 at 4:09 PM. This is what the timestamp on my most recent Facebook post read at 4:15 PM that very same night. It had been six whole minutes since I posted my plea to the Dana Hall Alumnae Facebook page. I slumped back with my chin to my […]


What’s in the Water?

Water is something that we often consume without thinking. When we’re thirsty, we drink the water that we are blessed to have such easy access to. Nevertheless, water, and the components in it, have a greater effect on our health than we assume. The Flint Water Crisis has greatly raised […]


How To: Finesse the FOIA

Let’s talk about FOIA. FOIA, or Freedom of Information Act, is a piece of legislation that allows any citizen to request public information from their town, city, state, or federal governments. It’s what lets any typical person find out, for example, how many arrests have taken place in the last […]