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Forum needs to go more in-depth

I believe that our Forum classes could become more useful, and I know others would agree. Countless times I have heard my peers walk into the class and ask, “Are we getting out early today?” It is clear that the curriculum could use some adjustments to become more interesting and […]

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Welcoming Color Guard to Dana Hall

Color Guard is a group performance similar to marching band that incorporates dance movements and props like flags, prop rifles, and sabers. It is more common in southern states and the Midwest, and rarer in New England. However, this year a new Color Guard club was started at Dana Hall […]


Out to lunch: Our favorite spots for walkable lunch options

The Dana Hall Dining Center is great, but it’s fun to go out to lunch every once in a while. When we go out for lunch, these are our top five places to get lunch in Wellesley. Our rankings are based on distance, speed, price, and of course food. Our […]

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Dr. B: A statistically impressive addition to Dana Hall

Dr. Alla Nikolaevna (pronounced: NIK-A-LY-VNA) Baranovsky is the newest member of Dana Hall’s math department. Dr. Baranovsky, who goes by Dr. B for short, teaches AP Statistics, Intro to Calculus and Statistics, and Algebra 2 with Applications. She is also an adviser to 10th-graders and the faculty advisor to the […]

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What Dana Hall thought of the Super Bowl halftime show

112 million people sat down on the night of February 13th to watch the 56th Superbowl at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. It is safe to assume that most were there for the game, but a lot were just waiting for commercials and the infamous halftime show.  While many headlines […]

Ode to the Classroom Building
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Ode to the Classroom Building

The Dana Hall Classroom building has seen about six decades of students, countless eras of fashion, and numerous learning models. Still, it has been a foundation for Dana Hall students to learn, lead, and grow through its sixty years of existence. This classroom renovation will mark a significant transition in […]

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An inside look at the new Classroom Building with exclusive renderings

The building that Dana Hall currently calls “the Upper School classroom building” was built in 1956. As of October 2021, Dana Hall has officially announced that as a part of the strategic plan – Vision 2025 – our current classroom building will be undergoing a major renovation and rebuild.  While […]


Many international students remain in the U.S. during long breaks

The Covid pandemic has made returning home during long breaks a challenge for international students. Currently, the Dana Hall community includes 64 international boarding students from countries all over the world. Because of the Covid quarantine policies, many international students have not been able to return to their home country […]


Dana Hall goes mask-optional

As of Monday, February 28, Dana Hall has dropped its mask mandate and is now mask-optional, a new policy that Katherine Bradley, Head of School, announced two weeks beforehand. Over the first two weeks of the new policy, more and more people have gone maskless. This change in policy came […]

Inspiring books to read about mental health
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Inspiring books to read about mental health

All of these books I have read that deal with themes of mental health have shown me I am not alone in my own struggles and that change is possible. Even though these books discuss heavy topics, they are important to read because they also help destigmatize mental health issues […]