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“Fostering greater access and equality” in Bardwell and Beveridge

Accessibility is one of the most important additions to the newly rebuilt Upper School Classroom Building. An elevator will be available for future Dana students who use a wheelchair or anyone else in our community who may benefit from an elevator. It will also help to turn our goals of […]


Leave the radio at home: Dana Hall student rules in the 20th century

Every year, all Dana Hall students are required to sign a form stating that they’ve read the newest code of conduct. Every year, the code of conduct is updated, with some rules being newly instated, and some rules disappearing. The 20th century makes up the biggest portion of Dana Hall […]


The Johnston Dormitories are in need of a change

Like any typical dormitory, the students who live in the Johnston dorms are required to share a communal bathroom, which won’t ever change. Sharing a bathroom with 6 or more people means that certain responsibilities are expected from the students. These responsibilities could be much better executed by the students […]

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Kwanzaa celebrates the heritage and future of the Black diaspora

Kwanzaa is a time when families and friends come together to remember past struggles and celebrate what Black people have overcome. The holiday which spans from December 26 to January 1st focuses on the history and values of Pan-Africanism.   It is a non-religious holiday created in 1966 by Dr. Maulana […]

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Sabbatical replacement, Mr. Juarez, ready to teach and learn

Mr. Esteban Juarez is a new Social Studies teacher who is filling in Ms. Heather Panahi’s African Area Studies and Comparative Politics classes while she is on sabbatical. Mr. Juarez brings many years of experience to the department. “Joining in the middle of the year, everyone has been welcoming and […]

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Varsity Swimming is on the path to its 13th league championship

Dana Hall Varsity swimming, referred to as Sigma by its athletes, has won the Eastern Independent League championships (EILS) every year since the 2009-10 season, excluding the 2020-21 season where COVID prevented a championship meet. The swimming team’s success is not due to only one excellent coach. The swimming team […]

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Dana Hall Changes the School Calendar for this School Year

Dana Hall has three and a half weeks of class between Thanksgiving and Winter Break this year, longer than many previous years. Students will leave for Winter Break on Wednesday, December 20, after Revels, and return on Thursday, January 4, adding up to 14 days off, four days less than […]


De-mystifying OCD: Busting myths about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

“Saying that you are ‘so OCD’ when you don’t actually have OCD is really disrespectful to people who actually suffer from the condition. It not only turns the disorder into more of a joke, but also takes away from the harm that actual OCD triggers have on people; for them, […]


Lost and Found: Dana Hall welcomes back the Amor Caritas statue

A Dana Hall artifact had been returned to the school after decades of it being lost.  The “Amor Caritas” statue by Augustus Saint-Gaudens belonged to the Dana Hall School as far back as 1907 and was acquired by Helen Temple Cooke, Principal and co-owner of the School at the time. […]


“Warm, inviting, wise”: Mickey Spaulding adds life to Student Affairs

Michelle (Mickey) Spaulding–Upper School Assistant Dean of Students and 12th Grade Class Dean–joined Dana Hall in the 2022-2023 school year. She currently lives on campus in Grey Lodge. “The best part of my job is being the 12th Grade Class Dean, and that’s really fun. I get to support Seniors […]