The Green Team explores sustainability with other schools

The Green Team is leading Dana Hall towards creating a better environment for the future. On April 15, five Dana Hall students and Ms. Catherine Buttner, Sustainability Coordinator, joined 6 other independent schools for the Independent Sustainability School Coalition Conference (ISCC) at Milton Academy to discuss environmental issues, ways to […]

Athletics / Community

Running towards female empowerment: Switzer returns to the Boston Marathon fifty years later

The Boston Marathon this year marked a special anniversary. Kathrine Switzer was the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon in 1967, and 50 years later, in 2017, she ran it again at age 70. When Switzer first ran the marathon 50 years ago, there were no official rules […]


Dana Hall’s Community Day of Learning focuses on justice and human rights

by Elizabeth Gardner, Sophia Lu, Gloria Revanche, and Hannah Robinson Dana Hall students were welcomed back from Spring Break with a Community Day of Learning on Wednesday, March 29, 2017. The day focused on questions of justice and human rights, and students were prompted with three guiding questions: What do […]


April News Bytes

Technovation Challenge, by Sruti Ramaswamy The many Dana Hall teams participating in the Technovation Challenge are in their final stages as the competition swiftly approaches on May 14. Each team has been tasked with a mighty challenge: creating a mobile app that presents a solution to a problem facing their […]


Admissions Director Ms. Secor “taking a break” but still loves Dana Hall

“I can’t imagine that the spirit of Dana will ever change,” says Ms. Wendy Secor, Director of Admissions at Dana Hall. Ms. Secor is leaving Dana Hall at the end of the 2016-17 school year so she can spend more time with her family;  her mother has just moved to […]


What are those buckets on our campus maple trees?

As spring comes, gray buckets begin to show up on the maple trees on campus. The buckets are for “tapping,” or collecting sap, from the maple tree to make maple syrup. As the maple buckets are filled, part of their contents is sent to Natick Community Organic Farm to be […]


South Korea’s first woman president impeached, involved in corruption scandal

President Park Guen-hye of South Korea is at the center of a corruption scandal and in the process of being impeached since she allegedly allowed her confidante to intervene in top-secret government affairs. According to the BBC News, she is now forfeiting “the title and the honor of the nation’s […]


Dana’s door will always be opened for you, Ms. Daniels!

Ms. Corinne Daniels ’77 has been the Director of Alumnae Relations at Dana Hall since 2006. In March, she will be leaving Dana to go to Switzerland with her family for a new job. At Dana Hall, Ms. Daniels’s main job is to “look after the graduates from the youngest, […]


Salaam brings “What We Carry Project” to Dana Hall

Imagine placing your life in backpack. This is a reality for many Syrian refugees. According to Time magazine, a young couple, Faez and Shaza al Shara, fled Syria in 2013 with only “clothing, photos from their wedding and a few keepsakes: a set of colored bowls they had received as a […]

Community / Opinion

Finals don’t need to be ruff

Imagine we’re approaching the last days of May and year-long review sheets are being handed out and study groups are being formed. It’s exam season! While Dana does a lot to help us prepare for exams and help us remain calm, such as bringing in massage therapists and leaving a […]