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Two Days of Family Fun at Dana Hall

On October 27 and 28 Dana Hall’s Upper School will be in the middle of an exciting event, Family Weekend, a weekend where families of all students visit the school, shadow their children, and later attend various sports games and activities. “It’s really fun to have fans in the classes […]


Building New… Big Changes In Dana Hall Housing

A new school year comes with new buildings and facility upgrades. This past summer, two of the most notable projects on campus are the demolition and construction of Lazare House and the renovation of Johnston C. In summer 2016, Dana Hall launched the Johnston renovation project, a multi-year refurbishment of […]


Recent Hurricanes Hit Home for Dana Hall Community Members

Recently multiple natural disasters have affected our country. I spoke to some Dana Hall community members about how Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey affected their family and friends. I learned a lot about what the aftermath of these hurricanes meant to them. I got the chance to talk to new […]

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The International Experience at Dana Hall

If you walk into a Johnston Dormitory on any given day, you might see a group of Korean international students circled around the common room table, eating homemade kimchi while watching a Korean drama. Or maybe you’ll hear some students from Mexico jamming out to their favorite tunes and being […]


Improving a Life by What We Give

The 2017-2018 year is a big year for Dana Hall’s sophomores. This is the year when they have to complete community service hours, and everyone is itching to get a spot and begin their hours. Every year the sophomores perform 20 hours of community service, 10 of which have to […]


The Perils of a Warming Climate

As the school year moves on, countless Dana Hall faculty and students continue to worry about friends and relatives impacted by the past major hurricanes. Electricity is cut off, supplies have no way of getting to the people who need it, and it’s all due to the sheer intensity of […]

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The Senior Sophomore Experience

This month, Senior- Sophomore, a Dana Hall tradition that has been taking place since the late 1930s, has been the center of recent school excitement. During this tradition, the seniors and sophomores bond through a series of events including candy-filled posters, decorated lockers, silly costumes, gift bags, colorful beanies and […]

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The adventures of Mr. Neumann

Mr. Karl Neumann, US History and East Asian Studies teacher, has discovered that he does not have to go to the moon to explore. Gabrielle DeWeck ’17 remarks, “It is known that the teachers at Dana Hall are passionate about what they teach, but Mr. Neumann takes that to an […]


The Class of 1972: a lively generation facing war and fighting for women’s rights

Women from the Class of 1972 sat down with the Hallmanac during She Sails, on April 29, to remember their high school experiences. They were in school during one of the greatest periods of activism in American history. The United States had invaded Cambodia, and the women’s movement was underway. […]


Leading class discussion in a politically divisive time

When major current events happen, our Social Studies teachers often ask us to pause, reflect and discuss. During such a politically divisive time in the wake of this fall’s elections and a new administration, teachers have been pausing classes for these discussions more than ever. Mr. Eric Goodson said that it […]