HOPE Club: A Safe Space for Students

COVID-19 has created a decline in mental health throughout the world, which can sometimes be very challenging to talk about. Here at Dana Hall, we have HOPE Club to help. HOPE Club is new this year, and the club’s focus is on psychology and destigmatizing mental health. The club meets […]


Dana Hall commits to anti-racist work, on campus and off

In June and July 2020, the @blackatdanahall Instagram account gained momentum in the Dana Hall community, as students shared experiences of racism and bias from their peers and teachers. In response to this account, Ms. Katherine Bradley, Head of School, and the School’s administration published an “Anti-Racist Action Plan” this […]


@blackatdanahall posts anonymous comments from students and alumnae of color

On June 11, 2020, two weeks after the police killing of George Floyd, @blackatdanahall uploaded their first post to Instagram. “This page is for Dana Students and Alumns of Color,” the post read. “We are here to amplify Black and Brown voices. No story is too small.”  @blackatdanahall published a […]


The 1918 flu: An earlier epidemic at Dana Hall

Though the COVID-19 pandemic feels very new to the Dana Hall community, in actuality, Dana Hall has already faced a similar health issue. In Fall 1918, the widespread influenza pandemic reached Dana Hall. In the first couple months, around one hundred students and faculty members became infected with the influenza […]


Ms. Leahy: A new, friendly face in College Counseling

Ms. Courtney Leahy, Dana Hall’s newest college counselor, brings to Dana Hall an extensive knowledge of the college process and a network of connections from her fifteen years of college admissions experience. Ms. Leahy’s favorite part of her job is working with young women, saying, “you all give me great […]


How to date in quarantine, when there is absolutely nothing to do

Dating, or worrying about dating, is a staple of being a teenage girl in high school … and then throw in a pandemic on top of it! Three friends — Anna Hamilton ’22, Emma Beardsley ’22, and Emma Gershberg ’22 — are all dating right now and got together to […]

Community / The Nation and the World

Pandemic responses vary around the world

As of December 3, 2020, the number of deaths worldwide due to COVID-19 is around 1.49 million, while the United States has a death toll of 274,000 Americans. In order to stop the spread of the virus, strict lockdowns or other protocols were initiated in many countries across the globe, […]


Baking together, from a distance

Baking can bring comfort, enhance a culture, and bring people together. Many throughout the pandemic have found comfort in baking, such as banana bread and sourdough bread, and found it brought communities closer together during the eerie times. Ria Sharma ’23 has done just that, by creating the Dana Hall […]


Holidays during the pandemic

Individuals, families and institutions are reimagining the holiday season, stretching from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day. Regardless of how people typically celebrate the holidays, everyone may need to alter their traditions this year due to canceled events and new stay-at-home restrictions.  In Massachusetts, Governor Charlie Baker has implemented new COVID-19 […]

Community / Opinion

Quarantine’s effect on my mental health

Quarantine has been hard on a lot of people, and we talk about the stress of it all, but we don’t recognize how this affects our mental health. I should know, I have been on a mental health journey throughout quarantine.  In my personal experience during quarantine, my mental health […]