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New All-School Co-Presidents ready to take the helm

Brianna Revanche ’25 and Yvonne Hao ’25 will be the All-School Co-Presidents for the 2024-2025 school year. Brianna is from Boston and joined Dana Hall in 6th grade, while Yvonne is from Shanghai, China, and joined as a freshman. Both of them are boarding students currently living in the Johnstons. […]

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Impacts of Tourism in Harvard Square

Cambridge, Massachusetts is known for its history, architecture, and natural beauty- attracting over 8 million tourists each year, according to Harvard is the oldest higher-education institution in the United States, and its history and prestige naturally attract many people. Tourism is integral to Harvard Square’s larger economy, but can […]

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Pig Kidney Transplanted into a Human

On March 21, 2024, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) performed the first ever successful transplant of a genetically-edited pig kidney. They transplanted it into a 62 year old man who was living with end-stage kidney disease (ESKD). The surgery was four hours long. This surgery is a historic milestone in xenotransplantation, […]

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Dana Hall should be more active about introducing traditions

Traditions have always been a huge part of Dana Hall, and it is something that many students learn to love and enjoy over their high school years. However, new students are often surprised, caught off guard, confused, or intimidated by these traditions and I’m glad to hear that the school […]

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The NCAA has Banned Celsius and Other Energy Drinks- Here’s What You Need To Know

Just like any other year, in 2022, the National Collegiate Athletic Association posted their banned substances list. That year’s iteration, however, was updated to include the energy drink Celsius and many of its ingredients, including guarana, taurine, ginseng, and L-carnitine. As a result of these ingredient bans, many other energy […]

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The M7 card should be available for every zone of the commuter rail

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) is a resource for education accessibility through its recent M7 program. An M7 card is a preloaded MBTA Pass that middle and high school Boston resident students can use all year round. These passes are paid for by schools and can be used for […]

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How to Not Procrastinate

“Delaying something that is ought to be done” is how Marina McCoy, a psychology professor at Boston College, defines procrastination. She says the main reason someone procrastinates is that they are overwhelmed with either how big a project is or the many things they have to do in their life. […]


St. Sebastian’s Headmaster has seen changes in gender and race in single-sex education

William Burke, who’s retiring as headmaster from St. Sebastian’s School in Needham after 34 years, has had a front row seat to the changes in gender and race in single-sex schools. As his granddaughter, and someone who attends an all-girls school, I was intrigued to hear his perspective on the […]


Passing the torch: Advice from the Class of 2024

As the Class of 2024 prepares to bid farewell to Dana Hall, I had the chance to hear from seniors to reflect on their journey and offer advice to underclassmen who will soon follow in their footsteps. From being the first 5th-grade class to entering high school amid a pandemic […]

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Celebratory nonprofit enhances lives impacted by breast cancer 

Breast cancer affects one in eight women and can impact families in all different ways. Dana Hall has twice this year partnered with the nonprofit organization Runway 4 Recovery, which helps these people and their families who are in need by raising money through fashion runway events and, recently, school […]