Dana Hall reimagines Senior Spring

As the 2020-2021 academic school year approaches an end, the Class of 2021 prepares to graduate and celebrate their time at Dana Hall. Although this year was not what many students expected, the administration and senior class deans spent lots of time doing what they could, in accordance with Covid […]


Gamers find company at Dana Hall

Dana Hall has a new club dedicated to video games. Meeting every Wednesday, club members play different video games with each other, collaborate, and teach each other new skills and techniques to win. Madeline Blessing ’24 started the club this year because of her own passion for gaming and her […]


Teachers back to campus

As the spring flowers emerge, so did Dana Hall students and teachers. A number of teachers who were teaching remotely for much of the year have returned to campus after getting vaccinated. “By the end of next week, all but three full time Upper School classroom teachers will be back […]


Dana Hall blends cohorts

After months of alternating weeks on campus between student cohorts, Dana Hall ended the cohort model as of April 1. Students of all grades are now attending their classes in person every week. There are 256 on campus students and 65 students who are continuing in the distance learning model. […]


Dana Hall’s newest literature lover: Ms. Kaitlin Brandt

With Dana Hall being hybrid in the winter and just recently increasing activity in-person, it has been difficult for some students to get to know other members of the Dana Hall community aside from their own teachers or classmates. English teacher Ms. Kaitlin Brandt is no exception, as this is […]

Community / The Nation and the World

COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ: Your questions, answered

It’s been over a year since COVID-19 exploded across the world and disrupted life as we knew it. Since then, there have been numerous quarantines as labs and governments worked together to study and create vaccines to bring an end to this chaotic time. The Hallmanac asked Upper School students […]

Community / Opinion

Dana Hall’s positive response to the January 6 Capitol attack

Dana Hall was very helpful to students following the Capitol atttack on January 6, 2021. Upper School Director Ms. Jessica Keimowitz sent an email stating, “This is clearly a sad day in our nation’s history, as the peaceful transfer of power is a cornerstone of our democracy and a source […]

Arts / Community

Film Club: a virtual community cinema

Lots of people enjoy movies, and love an opportunity to watch a film from the comfort of their bed. This year, Dana Hall’s new virtual Film Club is helping the community take this interest to a whole new level. Rather than watching an entire movie, in meetings, club head Sazan […]

Community / Opinion

Seeking a better solution to Forum’s teacher preparation

Following the growing popularity of the Black Lives Matter movement due to the murder of George Floyd on Memorial Day in 2020, Forum educators have taken on a new social justice initiative. However, the Forum teachers need to handle discussions surrounding racial identity and gender expression differently. Because the curriculum […]

Community / Opinion

A moment to celebrate: Lunar New Year becomes a school holiday

Lunar New Year, the most important cultural holiday for many Asian community members, will finally be able to be fully celebrated by Dana Hall students. On February 11, Head of School Ms. Katherine Bradley announced that starting next year, Lunar New Year will be celebrated with a day off of […]