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Film Club: a virtual community cinema

Lots of people enjoy movies, and love an opportunity to watch a film from the comfort of their bed. This year, Dana Hall’s new virtual Film Club is helping the community take this interest to a whole new level. Rather than watching an entire movie, in meetings, club head Sazan […]

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Seeking a better solution to Forum’s teacher preparation

Following the growing popularity of the Black Lives Matter movement due to the murder of George Floyd on Memorial Day in 2020, Forum educators have taken on a new social justice initiative. However, the Forum teachers need to handle discussions surrounding racial identity and gender expression differently. Because the curriculum […]

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A moment to celebrate: Lunar New Year becomes a school holiday

Lunar New Year, the most important cultural holiday for many Asian community members, will finally be able to be fully celebrated by Dana Hall students. On February 11, Head of School Ms. Katherine Bradley announced that starting next year, Lunar New Year will be celebrated with a day off of […]

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A case for snow days

Since Covid-19 hit and everything turned virtual, schools like Dana Hall are facing the challenge of retaining a healthy balance between going to school and giving students the occasional snow day. We no longer technically need snow days, but snow days go hand in hand with winter in Massachusetts. This […]


The boarding community returns to campus

In January 2021, Dana Hall started the process of reintegrating its boarding students back to campus. About 30 boarders are back in the dorms, living with new regulations due to COVID. All of the boarding students are currently living in singles. They have to keep their masks on when leaving […]

Community / Lifestyle

New student club encourages a plant-based lifestyle

During the pandemic, many people decided to reconfigure their lifestyles in order to lead a healthier daily routine. A major piece of a healthy lifestyle is maintaining a balanced and nutritional diet. This takes shape in many different forms, with one of the most popular diets being vegan and vegetarian […]


Concetta Vitale leads the community with her passion for service

Nominated by students, faculty, and staff of the Dana Hall community, Concetta Vitale ‘21 was chosen as this year’s Thanksgiving Convocation Speaker for her long-time and humble commitment to community service and being a role model for the community.   The annual Thanksgiving Convocation Speaker is an individual in the Dana […]


Dana Hall now testing weekly for COVID-19

Starting in December 2020, all students and faculty who come to campus are required to be tested for COVID-19. Dana Hall did not test on campus during the fall. When Trimester II began, the School did one testing session after Thanksgiving break before allowing students and faculty to return to […]


A plea to all-girls schools: Let’s change culture

Content warning: sexual assault. I sat at a sticky dining room table eating Commella’s with my friends the summer going into junior year. “She was kinda asking for it…” a boy said, looking down at his hands as if he knew the atrocity of his comment. I watched my friends […]


The Asian/Asian American Affinity Group provides community and awareness

The new Asian/Asian American Affinity group, led by Novia Nguyen ’21 and Sissi Wang ’24, brings awareness to Asian/Asian American issues. “We wish to show that we are not just a ‘model minority’ nor the stereotypes that society labels us with,” stated Sissi.           The idea of the affinity group was […]