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Dana Hall at a distance

Dana Hall School’s return from Spring Break was a virtual “return” that did not include physically coming back to campus. On Thursday, March 26, the Dana Hall community began its distance learning program via Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has now required all schools to […]


Dana Hall’s ice hockey team: Home at last

Dana Hall School has its own ice rink, for the first time. It’s located in the Wellesley Sports Center, only ten minutes away from Dana Hall’s campus.  Head coach and science teacher Ms. Sarah Jacobs notes that finally having a home rink allows the team to have a greater sense […]


The athletic program at Dana Hall gets an upgrade with the new turf field

Ground was broken at the old Shipley field on May 29, beginning a summer-long project that would transform Dana Hall. The turf field has been a long-awaited addition to Dana Hall, and many parents, athletes, and students are excited about the field and the future of Dana Hall’s athletic program. […]

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Dana Hall Starts Spring Strong In Athletics

On Wednesday, April 24th, Varsity Lacrosse won their away game against Concord Academy 24-12. These high-scoring games aren’t out of the ordinary for this spring season; this trimester, athletes have surpassed expectations on and off the field. Varsity teams, in particular, have had the chance to surpass previously set school […]


Dana Hall Launches a New Riding Ring

On October 10th, 2018, at 4pm, the Karen Stives Equestrian Center will open a brand new, 36,000 square foot riding ring behind the Dana barn. Coach Sarah Summers is thrilled about the new ring because it has a fantastic footing that doesn’t freeze, a brand new set of jumps, several […]

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Superbowl Pain and Joy (or: TB is still the GOAT)

Thousands of football fans travelled to the cold state of Minnesota to attend Super Bowl LII on February 4th. Though there was a unanimous mourning across all of New England, fans of the Eagles continue to celebrate their victory of 41-33.     “The Eagles deserved the win. They played well […]


From Rockies to Rock Walls

I have answered the question “where’s Mr. McGovern?” several times during the last few weeks. Now that he’s been gone for a few months, the real question is: who’s replaced him? That’s where Jacon Mayer comes in. Jacon has already almost completely revamped the rock wall and it’s only been […]


Lifeguarding: More Than Just a Job

It is not unusual to think of lifeguarding as an easy job; lots of people’s first jobs were lifeguarding. In the movies, lifeguarding is portrayed as being fun, relaxing, and even sexy. However, in reality, lifeguarding is a rigorous and demanding responsibility. Yes, responsibility. It is crucial to understand that […]

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Dana Hall Varsity Ice Hockey, Or: What are You Doing at 5 A. M. ?

5 A.M. Mondays, Tuesdays, and (a later start on) Thursdays. My phone alarm starts ringing in my ear. 5 minutes, I think. I need to brush my teeth, put on my shoes and leave my house. I frantically run, grabbing everything I may need for my day, and get into […]

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Two Days of Family Fun at Dana Hall

On October 27 and 28 Dana Hall’s Upper School will be in the middle of an exciting event, Family Weekend, a weekend where families of all students visit the school, shadow their children, and later attend various sports games and activities. “It’s really fun to have fans in the classes […]