Musicality: The saving grace of Ariana Grande’s latest album, “positions”

On October 30, Ariana Grande released her sixth studio album, positions, and after mulling it over for two months, I finally have a firm grasp on the album to review it.  On my first listen, I hated this album. The sexually explicit lyrics surprised me and made listening awkward and […]


Ms. Riaz comes “full circle”

It’s a “full circle moment” for Ms. Nez Riaz ’14, the Dana Hall Art Department’s newest member. For six years, Dana Hall was Ms. Riaz’s school home and provided her the opportunity to nourish her art career. She credits the teachers, students, and specifically the Art Department for opening her […]


Art From the Virtual Hallway: Alex Dent ’21

Throughout the school day, students and faculty are used to being surrounded by art in the hallways or in the Student Center. But now, the second-floor walls are completely empty, while the display areas of the staircase leading up to it still showcase the pieces from last year’s artists. Not […]


Creating change through performance … over Zoom

COVID-19 has presented a wide range of obstacles for the performing arts, from Broadway to New York Fashion Week to small-scale shows. Dana Hall has come up with a solution to have a fall play despite the novel coronavirus.  This year’s play focuses on the progression of social justice through […]

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Dana Hall at a distance

Dana Hall School’s return from Spring Break was a virtual “return” that did not include physically coming back to campus. On Thursday, March 26, the Dana Hall community began its distance learning program via Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has now required all schools to […]


Dr. Who: Season 12 is a winner

Doctor Who Season 12 had a serious loss of viewers. About 4.9 million Doctor Who fans suddenly tuned out of watching the longest-running science fiction show on television, which is particularly worrisome to me. I have been a Whovian since ninth grade and have seen almost every season. I am […]


Last Christmas: merry and bright

I enjoyed Last Christmas greatly and would rate it a four out of five, although it has received mixed reviews.  However, I think that this movie caters to a specific audience, and I would only recommend this film to people looking for a romantic movie to watch. If you are […]

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Cause for Celebration

On April 25th, Couture for a Cause, Dana Hall’s own fashion show, celebrated its 10th anniversary, showcasing a variety of designs, while supporting an amazing cause. 10 years ago, the class of 2009 started an art club, the MFA, or Movement of Art. The first show was organized by two […]

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Manifest: Where Emotional Family Drama Meets Supernatural Mystery

Flight 828 took off from Jamaica in 2013 with clear skies, but it never landed. Thought to have disappeared forever, the plane arrives five and a half years later in New York City in 2018. No one on board the plane has aged a day, and they didn’t even know […]

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A Whole New Dr. Who

DOCTOR WHO REVIEW By Sophia Lindstrom The TARDIS- Time And Relative Dimension In Space. It looks just like a police box, but… “It’s bigger on the inside!” -Martha Jones “Is it? I hadn’t noticed.”- The Tenth Doctor Interested in an inter-dimensional spaceship, paradoxes, and plot twists? Doctor Who just might […]