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School Away From School

As the year comes to a close, letters regarding SYA and exchange students have been floating around a few people’s inboxes. Some of them are letters of rejections, while a few are letters of acceptance. When Alexa Orent ’20 found out she was accepted into the Tokyo Exchange Program, she […]

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Testing, Privilege, and Keeping College Pressure in Perspective

Let’s focus on the original purpose of standardized testing. Whether you are taking your high school exams or the infamous SAT test, the goal of the test was to allow students to demonstrate knowledge and mastery of skills. But how effective is the SAT in showing how successful and intelligent […]

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Sending the Seniors on Projects

The end of the year is rolling around quickly, and it is a very bittersweet time for the Dana Hall community as we begin to say goodbye to many of our beloved seniors who are leaving and soon graduating. The Senior Project Program is used as a stepping stone between […]

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Have No Fear, the Book Fair is Here!

As the end of the year nears, the stresses of exams and grades are high and motivation has hit a low, but one event that always gets student’s minds off everything is the book fair! This year the fair will kick off on Tuesday the 22nd with more than 1600 […]

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New Courses and Offerings for Next School year

During the next academic year, there will be new course offerings in the Performing Arts, English, and Math departments along with a few changes to the Social Studies course selection process. These courses and changes are here to help students have exposure to a variety of options that they were […]

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Celebrating Women in Science: Youyou Tu

In 2015, Chinese female scientist Youyou Tu was a co-recipient of the Nobel Prize in Medicine for her discovery of artemisinin, a substance extracted from herbs. This substance was found to be an effective treatment for malaria, and drugs based on it have significantly improved the survival and health conditions […]

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Arpilleras, Threads of Hope

As I walked into Spanish class in early December, I spun around in a circle, noticing how beautiful Señora Villalobos’ classroom looked. There was brilliantly colored patchwork cloth at every table, and thread to match each color. When Señora Villalobos told us what our project was for the trimester, the […]

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Lifeguarding: More Than Just a Job

It is not unusual to think of lifeguarding as an easy job; lots of people’s first jobs were lifeguarding. In the movies, lifeguarding is portrayed as being fun, relaxing, and even sexy. However, in reality, lifeguarding is a rigorous and demanding responsibility. Yes, responsibility. It is crucial to understand that […]

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Is the ACT really easier?

Standardized tests. Hearing these two words will stir up a mixture of emotions in you. They will either make you cringe, sweat or have a mental breakdown. There will also be questions popping up into your mind asking, “Should I take the SAT or the ACT?” Multiple rumors have spread […]

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Cardboard: Dana Hall artists re-envision simple material in gallery show

This week, the Dana Art Gallery is displaying a striking showcase of structures made captivatingly with the primary medium of cardboard by students in the ArtLAB and Architecture classes until Wednesday, November 1. “The goals is to see how far you can reach to come up with ideas just based […]