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Young dragons to fly in Fall 2016: Dana Hall adds 5th grade

The 2016-2017 school year will face many changes with not only a new Head of School, but also a 5th-grade class added to the Dana Hall Middle School. Dana Hall has recently announced the plans to become a 5-12 secondary school. The 5th-grade class will consist of only one section, […]


A.P. U.S. History curriculum under attack

Advanced Placement United States History (APUSH) is a class that challenges students to read, memorize, and think critically at a fast pace. However, is the course also teaching students to be unpatriotic? The College Board implemented a new framework this fall for APUSH classes across the country. The new curriculum […]

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Move study hall back to the library

We have all heard of the Where’s Waldo? series for children — we have all spent countless hours looking for the beloved, but ellusive red and white stripes as we wonder where in the world is Waldo. However, for Dana Hall freshmen and sophomores who have experienced the sudden change […]


Economics 101: Dana’s newest course offering

One of Dana Hall’s newest courses, Economics, will be offered during the 2015-2016 school year. The course will rotate annually with the Political Science class and will be taught by Social Studies teacher Brian Cook. Eric Goodson, Head of the Social Studies Department, states that a main motive for creating the course was […]

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Dana students depart for Spanish exchange program

Three Dana students will be heading to Zaragoza, Spain, on February 28 to begin a three-week exchange with the Sansueña School. Nora Panahi ‘15, Allison Donahue ‘16, and Maddie Rivers ‘17 will stay with host families, attend classes, and experience the culture of Zaragoza. Five girls from the Sansueña School […]


Creative Problem Solving

Making prosthetic hands, visiting bioengineering labs and having guest speakers from all over the world; these are just a few highlights of the Creative Problem Solving class with Ms. Lavakumar. I was invited to the class this Tuesday to hear from engineers at Boston Scientific and to get a better […]

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Global Scholarship program encourages study of diverse cultures

Dana Hall has initiated the Global Scholarship Program, available to the freshman class as a four-year commitment to experience diverse, international perspectives through “curriculum choices, travel and projects undertaken at Dana Hall,” according to the Mission Statement of the Global Education Committee. Ultimately, students who fulfill the program’s requirements will earn a […]

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Faster and safer internet for Dana Hall this year

While Dana Hall students were commencing and graduating last June, the Technology Department was already busy at work, creating a firewall, streamlining the campus wifi, replacing network hardware, updating software, and moving machinery in fourteen buildings, all in the span of 9 weeks. As of October 1, Dana Hall campus is using […]

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Dana girls innovate

“We were able to make what seemed like the impossible, possible,” says Alex Naddaff’ ’16. This summer, Dr. Gwen Ortemeyer and Middle School math teacher Michelle Gerdes welcomed nine Dana Hall Upper School students to campus for The Girls Summer Entrepreneurial Program (GSEP), a ten-day course offered for the first time this […]

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Commencement speaker Cindy Harvey 1990 inspires

When Ms. Erisman approached the Senior class a few months ago and asked that we brainstorm who we might want as our Commencement speaker, the entire class resonated with an overwhelming desire to hear from Mindy Kahling and no one else. When the laughter subsided, she instead asked us to […]