Bieber shows a new side in collaborating on Purpose

In November, Justin Bieber released a 19-song album called Purpose. In the album we see a changed Bieber from his recent run-ins with the tabloids.

Leading up to the release of his album, Bieber dropped a handful of singles: “Where Are Ü Now,” featuring Skrillex and Diplo; “Sorry”; “Love Yourself”; and “What Do You Mean?” These songs were released as singles over the course of 2015 starting in February and ended just before the entire album came out. I was a fan of all of these songs, but they all sounded very similar to me. They have a similar hook, chorus, and a electronic instrumental break for about 15 seconds, then back into the chorus. I enjoyed this, but they became repetitive.

The remainder of Bieber’s songs on the album have a different vibe than those released seperately, and I enjoyed listening to all of them. On this album, Bieber has many collaborations with different artists, such as Big Sean in “No Pressure”; Travi$ Scott in “No Sense”; Halsey in “The Feeling”; and Nas in “We Are.” All of these artists put their own creativity into the songs they are featured in.

Hip-hop/rap artist Big Sean, featured in “No Pressure,” gives a very nice touch to this slightly sad yet heartwarming song. Big Sean comes in about three minutes into the song, and his references to Yoko Ono and Ryu and Ken give the song a humorous touch.

Travi$ Scott is a relatively new hip-hop/rap artist, and he has a different sound than most other artists in his genre. Scott’s verse makes the song much better, and he and Bieber make an excellent duo.

Halsey, unlike the other three artists featured, is a singer in the alternative genre. You can tell immediately once “The Feeling” starts that it is different from the rest, with an amazing, catchy, upbeat tone that grabs your attention. This is probably my favorite song in his album.

Nas is an artist that I am unfamiliar with. He is a hip-hop/rap artist featured in “We Are,” a song I was not particularly a fan of. There was nothing special about the song, and it did not catch my ear as much as the rest on the album.

Although I am not as much of a “belieber” as I was when I was in sixth grade, I do enjoy these new songs and am happy to see Bieber continuing to make more music and have success. The songs on this album are songs you can listen to while doing a multitude of tasks. I mostly listen to them while doing homework, but the volleyball team would also play them during practice, so there is no limit to where and when you can listen to Purpose. The songs are exciting and get you motivated, so you can apply that motivation to whatever you are doing, whether that is homework, working out, cooking, or more.

During his first week of releasing Purpose, Bieber sold over 640,000 copies, not as impressive as Taylor Swift and Adele, who sold over 1 million copies during their first week, but still something to be proud of. Bieber did a lot of advertising for his upcoming release, and it paid off. Justin Bieber will start his US Tour in the beginning of March, although there are little to no more tickets left!

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