Articles written by: Sophia Thomson

Academics / Community

What classrooms will look like next year

Next year, Dana Hall faculty and students will return to a campus under construction. Without the use of the Classroom Building, which is being remodeled, a temporary building with six classrooms will be installed by the softball field close to the Riding Center and Shipley. Students will also have classes […]

Lifestyle / Opinion

Don’t lose focus on sustainable fashion

This year, Dana Hall students have made steps forward to educate the community about the importance of sustainability on campus and more than that, encouraged change for the better. Recently, supported by the school’s student-run Green Action Committee, students have sold sustainably-made products and held a sustainable fashion show to […]

Athletics / Community

Welcoming Color Guard to Dana Hall

Color Guard is a group performance similar to marching band that incorporates dance movements and props like flags, prop rifles, and sabers. It is more common in southern states and the Midwest, and rarer in New England. However, this year a new Color Guard club was started at Dana Hall […]


Prairie Fires brings historical context to the Little House books

Have you read the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder? Do you enjoy history or reading biographies? Then Caroline Frasier’s Prairie Fires, an in-depth look at Wilder’s life and her novels, might be the book for you.  Prairie Fires does a particularly good job of portraying the historical reality […]


Meet the campus dogs of Dana Hall

It always makes me smile to say hi to Satch or Loamer when they are walking outside around campus, and dance classes are the best part of my day, especially when Finn is in class getting hugs from all the dancers. While students in the dorms do not keep pets, […]


Dana Hall brings back a modified Harbor Cruise

This year, Dana Hall brought back Harbor Cruise after putting it on hold last year due to the Covid pandemic. Taking place in Boston Harbor, this fall tradition gives new and returning students the chance to spend time with their friends in the Dana Hall community and the opportunity to […]