Articles written by: Sophia Cook


No fire? No problem! S’mores bars are the answer

With spring here and summer on the way, I wanted to try an easy-to-share dessert that fits in with the seasons. I decided that s’mores bars would bring back memories of being around the fire with family and friends.  The recipe I used for this review was my second recipe […]


Going to concerts … in your own home?

With COVID-19, a lot has changed with the world and especially with the entertainment industry. Live concerts could become a thing of the past, with artists and bands now performing live over the internet instead of in person during this pandemic.  For example, iHeartRadio hosted its first-ever “iHeartRadio’s Living Black” concert […]


Dana Hall now testing weekly for COVID-19

Starting in December 2020, all students and faculty who come to campus are required to be tested for COVID-19. Dana Hall did not test on campus during the fall. When Trimester II began, the School did one testing session after Thanksgiving break before allowing students and faculty to return to […]