Articles written by: Sarah Syed

Academics / Community

Change in Commencement venue

This year’s seniors will be graduating on the Wayside field, breaking the longstanding tradition of Commencement’s taking place across from pond. This move is a consequence of the new turf athletic field, which is not compatible with the stakes used to anchor the large tent used at graduation activities. Brianny Vasquez […]


Food scraps now diverted at Dana Hall

If you’ve noticed two, side-by-side trash cans during lunch in the Dining Hall, separating garbage from food waste, then you’ve witnessed the new food diversion program that is the latest step in Dana Hall’s commitment to sustainability. The program that composts the dining center’s food waste started out as a […]


New Courses for 2019-2020

The 2019-2020 academic year will not see too many changes in course offerings, registration, selection. Based on positive feedback from various changes last year, the Academic Office plans to continue with the changes made to course processes next academic year. For example, no changes are being made to the social […]

Community / Opinion

Diversity at Dana: Part One, the Problems

With 28% of Dana Hall’s students of color being domestic and 15% being international students, students of color make up a minority of the Dana Hall student population. The Dana community, sometimes referred to as a bubble, is often known for being unlike the real world. In every description of […]


So Much Stuff, So Little Space: A boarder’s guide to how to pack it all up

As the school year comes to an end, boarders have started to pack up their rooms for their belongings to be shipped back home until next year. To boarding student Karina Atiegha ‘20, “the process of shipping and packing up everything is difficult.” Many other boarders agree that packing up […]


Another Chapter in the Ongoing Dress Code Story

Throughout the past few decades, dressing down in the workplace and in school environments has become increasingly acceptable. Dana Hall’s dress code has also a changed throughout time, and it has experienced notable modification within the past 10 years. Just on Monday, April 30th in morning meeting, student council announced […]


A Truly Valuable X Block: Dr. Fowlin

On Monday, January 8 in Waldo, Dr. Mykee Fowlin presented at Dana Hall as the X-Block speaker, discussing important topics of mental health, self-expression, and stories behind exterior impressions. His one-man show was framed by Langston Hughes’s poem “Still Here.” A key idea explored during Dr. Fowlin’s talk was “pain […]


Cardboard: Dana Hall artists re-envision simple material in gallery show

This week, the Dana Art Gallery is displaying a striking showcase of structures made captivatingly with the primary medium of cardboard by students in the ArtLAB and Architecture classes until Wednesday, November 1. “The goals is to see how far you can reach to come up with ideas just based […]

Community / Lifestyle

The International Experience at Dana Hall

If you walk into a Johnston Dormitory on any given day, you might see a group of Korean international students circled around the common room table, eating homemade kimchi while watching a Korean drama. Or maybe you’ll hear some students from Mexico jamming out to their favorite tunes and being […]