Articles written by: Samiha Farooqi


The Resurrection of the Girl Up Club

Dana Hall’s Girl Up club, headed this year by senior Julia Ran and juniors Annie Xu and Samiha Farooqi, is starting back up again for the 2018-2019 school year after two years of inactivity, and this time, maybe for good. Girl Up is a club that is based on the […]

Academics / Community

Have No Fear, the Book Fair is Here!

As the end of the year nears, the stresses of exams and grades are high and motivation has hit a low, but one event that always gets student’s minds off everything is the book fair! This year the fair will kick off on Tuesday the 22nd with more than 1600 […]


Dana Students Walk Out to Protest Gun Violence

On Friday April 20th, 2018, at 11:00 AM, the students of Dana Hall took charge for a moment and walked out of class to protest gun violence in America. It may have seemed like a one day event to must of us, but several students had worked to plan this […]


From Rockies to Rock Walls

I have answered the question “where’s Mr. McGovern?” several times during the last few weeks. Now that he’s been gone for a few months, the real question is: who’s replaced him? That’s where Jacon Mayer comes in. Jacon has already almost completely revamped the rock wall and it’s only been […]


Anxiety in Schools: Dana Hall Works on Stress

We, as a community, are simply stressed. Dana Hall is like a beacon for anxiety, with teachers and students alike dealing with high levels of stress and anxiety through the year. Typical Dana discourse, especially leading up to exams, consists of telling each other we’re stressed and how we how […]


The Perils of a Warming Climate

As the school year moves on, countless Dana Hall faculty and students continue to worry about friends and relatives impacted by the past major hurricanes. Electricity is cut off, supplies have no way of getting to the people who need it, and it’s all due to the sheer intensity of […]