Articles written by: Natasha Hampton


Bursting the Dana Bubble

We’ve all heard it before: Dana provides a safe and nurturing environment that allows students to take risks and make mistakes with in a loving and supportive environment. Although this is true, there are limits as to how far we can truly step out of our comfort zone because it’s […]


The Emotional Road to Recovery

As the basketball flew through the air, Adrianna Russell dove to grab it before the Winsor point guard could snatch it before her. As she accelerated, the girl’s hand flew up and hit Russell between the eyes. At first she went a little light headed, and then she was mad […]


Here to Help

Trying desperately to reach the final hold, Logan, age 11, pushed up with all his strength and extended his tired arm. He brushed his fingers on the ceiling, adding his fingerprints to the dark circle of smudges at the top of the rope. “I’m so happy,” he grinned, as he […]


AP Classes: Pressure to Impress

As the bell rings at 11:30am, the AP biology students are settling in their seats, ready to take on the next forty-five minutes of intensive learning. With their giant backpacks tucked under their desks, the girls sit quietly for a moment with their notebooks open and colored pens at the […]


Birds of a Feather Art Exhibit

The Dana Hall campus is full of wildlife. From the mischievous squirrels to the honking geese, life can be found wherever you go. The Dana Hall Art Gallery, however, was focused in November on just one of the creatures that we see here everyday: birds. The Birds of a Feather […]