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COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ: Your questions, answered

It’s been over a year since COVID-19 exploded across the world and disrupted life as we knew it. Since then, there have been numerous quarantines as labs and governments worked together to study and create vaccines to bring an end to this chaotic time. The Hallmanac asked Upper School students […]


NBCSports Boston’s Abby Chin on sexism in sports media

Abby Chin, a sports reporter and anchor for NBCSports Boston Celtics Postgame, is a trailblazer. She is one of the growing number of women in sports media today, actively demonstrating how there is a place for women not only in sports but in sports coverage and analysis. I had the […]


Musicality: The saving grace of Ariana Grande’s latest album, “positions”

On October 30, Ariana Grande released her sixth studio album, positions, and after mulling it over for two months, I finally have a firm grasp on the album to review it.  On my first listen, I hated this album. The sexually explicit lyrics surprised me and made listening awkward and […]


How to host a socially distanced movie night: Teleparty

In March, as the world watched itself close down, I began sitting in my basement, freaking out about remote school and the fact that I likely would not see my friends for months. No social contact, too much work, and stuffy rooms were getting to be too much for me.  […]