Articles written by: Megan Coveney

Community / Opinion

Upper School Forum: Bring in more guests, please

Each year, only a small number of Forum Classes are dedicated to special speakers and companies teaching classes, but these outside speakers leave an everlasting impression and impact on students. For example, this year the Senior Class participated in self-defense classes taught by Impact Boston. Though there are numerous videos […]


Temporary Classroom Building is in full swing

The Temporary Classroom Building, commonly known to those on campus as the “TCB,” is a rectangular modular building behind Maple Manor Field. The TCB is in response to the ongoing construction of the new Upper School at Dana Hall. Faculty and students have attended classes in the TCB since the […]

Athletics / Community

Nadia Visco joins the Shipley Center’s Athletic Training room

Ms. Nadia Visco has just begun her new role at Dana Hall as the newest Athletic Trainer. Ms. Visco brings a passion for Sports Medicine and a network of experiences to the Dana community. Coming out of college, Ms. Visco was interested in working in a high school community like […]


Senior Student Affairs moves to Shipley Center Hub 

The Class of 2023’s senior year started with relocating the senior Student Affairs lounge to the Shipley Center’s Hub, the room facing Sisters Field. The construction of the new Classroom Building has created a shift in the use of campus spaces. According to Kathy Hamel, Associate Dean Of Students and […]


Do you like toppings? Check Out Hot Doogy!

Hot Doogy, 1300 Worcester St, Natick, MA 01760 An easy 13-minute drive west from Dana will land you at the loaded brazilian style hot dog Loaded Brazilian Style Hot Dog quick-bite restaurant, Hot Doogy in Natick. As an avid hot dog lover, I knew I had to try this eatery […]


Up for a challenge? Try Wordle! 

A new craze has hit Dana Hall and the world: the online word guessing game Wordle. Many students and faculty have been intrigued by this daily interactive game. According to a recent Hallmanac survey with 200 responses, 81% of responders had tried the daily game. The goal of the game is […]


Wellesley Center coffee shops have closed their doors

Wellesley has always been known to have a quaint town center, with an abundant supply of warm, inviting coffee shops. Over the past two years, however, Wellesley Center has lost many of these coffee spots, leaving locals and commuters with limited options.  Even before the COVID pandemic, Dunkin’ Donuts, Bruegger’s […]


After “pudding” up with Covid, the Dining Hall buffet returns

After a year and a half, the Dining Hall is back. The salad bar, sandwich bar, hot bar, panini press, soup pots, and cereal bar are open to the community once again, with no restrictions. This means no more plexiglass or grab-n-go food boxes. Though many things are back to […]