Articles written by: Maya Mohanti

The Nation and the World

Your pantry and India: Farmers protest in New Delhi

Farmers are essential for India’s economy and for produce across the world. Farmers are not only a profession, but a heritage in India as many farmers are generational. On November 30, 2020, 200-300,000 farmers from Punjab and Haryanaya, located in northern India, peacefully protested in New Delhi against the new […]


Dana Hall Admissions, pandemic edition

Dana Hall Admissions has faced a number of challenges throughout the pandemic. According to Ms. Angela Brown, Director of Enrollment and Marketing, the Admissions office needed to evaluate and admit students differently than they have in the past. The standard elements of the application in the past were letters of […]


Baking together, from a distance

Baking can bring comfort, enhance a culture, and bring people together. Many throughout the pandemic have found comfort in baking, such as banana bread and sourdough bread, and found it brought communities closer together during the eerie times. Ria Sharma ’23 has done just that, by creating the Dana Hall […]